Top 10 English Newspapers in India 2024

English Newspapers in India
English Newspapers in India
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In our fast-paced world, staying informed about both local and global events has become more vital than ever. English newspapers have stood as dependable sources of information, delivering news, analysis, and invaluable insights for generations. Top 10 English Newspapers in India 2024. English Newspapers in India.

If you’re in India and seeking reliable English newspapers to keep you well-informed, you’ve landed in the right spot. We’ve curated a selection of the top 10 English newspapers in India, assuring you access to precise, varied, and comprehensive coverage.

Here are the Top 10 English Newspapers in India 2024:

The Times Of India:

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Our discussion wouldn’t be complete today without mentioning India’s standout newspaper. This newspaper finds its way to doorsteps across approximately 36 Indian cities every morning. The publishing house behind this newspaper goes by the name Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd.

A survey even unveiled that a staggering 2,880,144 copies of this newspaper are published and sold virtually every day in India. And it doesn’t stop there; their online news portal is also exceptionally well-received.

    The Hindu:

    The Hindu

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    One of the standout English newspapers that has captured our attention is “The Hindu.” It graces the households of major Indian cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Vijayawada, Hyderabad, New Delhi, and more.

      N Ravi Suresh Nambath takes the reins for the publication and all other responsibilities of this highly regarded newspaper. According to surveys, it’s known that approximately 1,415,792 copies of this newspaper are printed and distributed every day in India.

      If you prefer a digital experience, you can easily access this esteemed news source through their online website.

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      The Hindustan Times:

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      Another beloved English newspaper in India is one that greets countless readers every morning, spanning from Mumbai to Chandigarh and Kolkata to Lucknow. HT Media ensures that this newspaper finds its way to different corners of the country.

      According to a survey, approximately 1,072,966 copies of this newspaper are printed and distributed daily across India. Its place of origin is the Hindustan Daily Mint.

      Additionally, this media group keeps people updated daily through their online website and e-portal.

        The Indian Express:

        the indian

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        This name is undoubtedly a household one when we discuss English newspapers. The finest English newspaper finds its way to the homes of countless individuals daily, encompassing more than 22 major Indian cities.

        Engaged in this noble endeavor for many decades since its establishment on September 5, 1932, this newspaper has continually grown in popularity among avid news enthusiasts. Taking the helm on behalf of this organization is Raj Kamal Jha.

        This media group also publishes several subsidiary newspapers, including “The Financial Express,” “Loksatta,” “Jansatta,” and more.

        Deccan Chronicle:

        Deccan Chronicle

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        According to the consensus of many, the finest English newspaper in India also holds the title of the most widely-read English newspaper in the country. This newspaper predominantly graces the households of major South Indian cities.

        Its inception dates back to 1938 during British rule, and it has retained its position as the preferred English newspaper for South Indian readers ever since.

          Kaushik Mitter is the key figure overseeing the operations of this newspaper on behalf of the company. According to surveys, this particular newspaper prints and sells approximately 1,333,668 copies each day. Additionally, one of its affiliated newspapers is “Andhra Bhoomi.”

          The Economic Times:

          The Economic Times logo

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          “The Economic Times” is a familiar Indian newspaper, offering daily insights into the English language. It shines as one of India’s leading publications in the realm of business and finance. This newspaper proudly bears the banner of Bennett, Coleman, and Company, a prominent media firm.

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          Among the array of publications under the Times group, “The Economic Times” stands tall as a global benchmark in business journalism, cherished by readers seeking a deeper understanding of the subject. Since its inception in 1961, it has garnered over 800,000 subscribers in India alone.

            The Statesman:

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            “The Statesman” is a distinguished English broadsheet newspaper and holds the honor of being one of India’s earliest English publications. Nestled in the cultural heart of Kolkata, it embarked on its journalistic journey by publishing its first magazine in 1875.

              In 1931, “The Statesman” introduced its Delhi edition, expanding its reach and influence. “The Statesman Weekly” acts as a harmonious blend of insights and information from the Kolkata and Delhi editions.

              It is particularly favored by subscribers beyond India’s borders, printed on airmail paper to swiftly reach its international audience. Starting its journey in Kolkata, it subsequently extended its presence to Siliguri, Delhi, and Bhuvaneshwar.

              The Telegraph:


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              This newspaper finds its way into various cities across East India, notably Kolkata, North Bengal, North East India, South Bengal, and Jharkhand, both in small towns and major urban centers. It has been faithfully serving the community for several decades, marking the commencement of its dedicated service on July 7, 1982.

                Anand Publishers, a renowned publishing house in East India and West Bengal, takes pride in publishing this newspaper. According to surveys, approximately 352,972 copies of this newspaper grace the hands of eager readers each day.

                The organization is also the driving force behind one of the most beloved newspapers, “Anandbazar Patrika.”

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                Free Press Journal:

                free press journal

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                This newspaper holds a place of honor as one of the oldest English newspapers in India, with its first publication dating back to 1928 when it was known as the Indian National Press. Today, SS Dhaban is at the helm, carrying the legacy forward.

                The Free Press Journal Publication House takes pride in the fact that they publish and distribute approximately 15,4000 copies daily. Notably, one of their cherished publications, “Navashakti,” operates as a branch newspaper under this organization’s banner.

                  The Asian Age:

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                  The Asian Age stands as a unique English daily in India, holding the distinction of having an overseas edition. Its journey began in February 1994 under the guidance of MJ Akbar. With offices spread across New Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata, it covers major corners of the country.

                  While specific circulation figures may be unclear, their website proudly proclaims its reach to over a million readers daily, closely aligned with the Deccan Chronicle. Notably, The Asian Age enjoys editorial collaboration with the renowned New York Times, one of the world’s most prestigious English newspapers.


                    Which English newspaper is best for improving English in India?

                    • The Times of India.

                    Which English newspaper is tough?

                    • The Hindu.

                    What is the full form of the newspaper?

                    • North, East, West, South: Past And Present Event Reports.

                    Which English newspaper has the largest circulation?

                    • The Times of India.

                    In which language do newspapers have the highest circulation?

                    • In Hindi.

                    Which is the oldest newspaper?

                    • Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung.

                    What percentage of Indians read English newspapers?

                    • 7.4%

                    Which is the first newspaper in India?

                    • Hicky’s Bengal Gazette.


                    • So, these are the list of Top 10 English Newspapers in India. You can choose any one of them to stay up to date about the situations going on around the world. 

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