Ennoble IP: Dr. Shweta Singh’s Visionary Venture for Unparalleled IP Research, Analytics, and Legal Services

Dr. Shweta Singh : Founder of Ennoble IP
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When and how did you start?

Dr. Shweta Singh is a serial entrepreneur who has founded numerous businesses and organizations that uplift both the community and the nation as a whole. However, it took her a long time to get here. She began her work as a patent analyst at Jubilant Chemsys, but it took her a while to get here. However, her thirst for knowledge and desire to pick up new skills brought her to a crossroads.

Being a pro tech enthusiast, it broke her heart to see that promoting innovation was quite hard in India, and people had to outsource it through different countries, So she decided to build an ecosystem that would bring light to her dream of making IP solutions affordable and accessible and began her entrepreneurial journey and founded her businesses Ennoble IP in 2013 as a single proprietor to kick off her business career.

In 2014, Ennoble IP was registered as an LLP, but it failed due to an unfavorable and unproductive partnership. However, taking the circumstance as a sign from the Almighty to continue on her path, she learned from her mistakes, began again with a stronger vision, and created Ennoble IP as a Private Limited in 2017.

How did you come up with the idea? Your inspirational moment

We’ve all heard the expression “innovation is the key to the future,” and while some of us believe it, when we look at the status of the world today, there aren’t any correct means to do so!

There is one way to ensure future development, however, and that is to provide intellectual property rights (IPR) and ownership of inventions to the inventors so that they are not afraid of someone stealing their inventions, which was previously done by outsourcing such a privilege, which was quite expensive.

Dr. Shweta’s dream of making intellectual property rights simple, affordable, and accessible to everyone in India so that we might become a centerpiece of innovation in the entire world gave Birth to Ennoble IP.

Brief about the organization and founding members

Since its inception, Ennoble IP has always strived to be the best and become an award-winning technology-based Intellectual Property (IP) platform that enables innovators, researchers, investors, entrepreneurs, and academia to ideate, analyze, protect, and commercialize their IP and innovations in both local and global markets.

The term “en noble” alludes to the bestowing of greater dignity or grandeur, which is precisely why Ennoble IP strives to accomplish by helping our clients’ IPs with solutions for safeguarding existing and monetizing new ideas through the provision of personalized legal advice and support that benefits the clients.

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A leading professional services provider providing a wide range of IP research, analytics, legal, and prosecution services, with a professional staff skilled in handling all IP portfolios, which includes patent analysts, innovation intelligence specialists, technical specialists, licensing analysts, patent agents, and IP docketing specialists, is committed to offering high-quality IP services and improving the accuracy of patent searches and analyses.

The Founder of Ennoble IP, Dr. Shweta Singh, holds a vision to establish Ennoble IP as an industry leader throughout the IPR domain while also promoting awareness and safeguarding to raise awareness and helping defend safeguard inventions, innovation, and research issued by start-ups, and support businesses, start-ups, SMEs, MSMEs, universities, and student scholars, all on a one-stop shop for all intellectual property and research services of the highest quality at a reasonable price.

As a result, India can rank among the top ten countries in the Global Innovation Index (GII), resulting in the formation of an IP ecosystem across the country and transforming India into a hotspot of technological inventions and discoveries that contribute considerably to the nation’s economy.

Ennoble IP
Ennoble IP : Team

The detailed journey, like what you want to share with readers. / Your hook-up point, if any (something unexceptional you have done for your startup)

Hailing from a small and conservative village near the city of Jaunpur, Dr. Singh belonged to a place where society’s expectations of women were limited to domestic and were considered somewhat less at everything and were discouraged from their dreams at that time. And being from a huge family with only sons and being one of the few daughters at that time didn’t scare her. Rather from a young age, she was rebellious and focused on herself and was determined to break free from these constraints and explore the world around her. Her parents noticed her and her sister’s innate curiosity and encouraged them to follow their dreams despite being discouraged by family and society.

So Despite the family pressure and societal bounds, her parents moved out of the village into the city of Jaunpur so that she and her sisters could get all the resources and motivation to study and become great because of her parent’s sacrifices and their efforts in providing her with opportunities to learn and grow by enrolling them into the best possible institutions, she became more focused on becoming the best version of herself to fulfill her parents and her dreams.

Dr. Singh persisted despite the obstacles she encountered, such as societal norms that discouraged women from pursuing academic and professional jobs. She put in a lot of effort, did well in school, and was always looking for new information and asking thought-provoking questions about the state of the country and how society views women.

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As she progressed in her academic journey, She was harassed and bullied many times by the community and the boys, passing on comments like her being a girl, how far can she go, and she would get married soon, so what’s the point of all this education but on matter how much the society pushed her down Dr. Singhs family kep[t on focusing on her education making her more grateful and optimistic that she became increasingly self-assured and confident, unafraid to challenge the status quo and push beyond the boundaries of what was expected of her.

Her determination and success inspired many of her peers and juniors, who looked up to her as a role model and mentor. Dr. Singh’s journey was not without its setbacks and challenges. She faced resistance and discrimination from those who doubted her abilities and belittled her ambitions because she was a girl. But she refused to be deterred, using these experiences as fuel to drive her further towards her goals. Her success and determination became a beacon of hope and inspiration for many, and she dedicated herself to empowering other women and helping to propel her nation to new heights. 

 After completing her bachelor’s, she got married. Even though many women stopped their education after getting married for a variety of reasons, Dr. Singh and her husbands were unfazed by the support that she needed giving from her better half. Dr. Singh continued her education and swiftly enrolled to earn her Master of Science (M.Sc.) followed by an MBA degree.

That’s when She explored the fields of Patent Law and Pharma Regulatory Affairs. It was during this time that she first learned about IPR and made the decision to learn more about IP administration and advisory. She graduated with a degree in IP law from India, but her passion for learning took her to many other countries.

She first attended WIPO in Geneva for training in patent law before going on to IPOS in Singapore for more practical workshops and training and ultimately received certification in intellectual property rights, pharmaceutical R&D, life science, and IPR from WIPO and FICCI. She got to this point because of her thirst for information. With all of this information at her disposal, she pursued a Ph.D. in management green technology, and her desire to acquire that knowledge quickly became a reality. All that later gave birth to what we have as Ennoble IP. 

Note to the readers: 

As long as the fire within you burns so bright that it covers the entire horizon, and no one will be able to put you down, no matter what! So embrace the fire within you. says Dr. Shweta Singh

About funding, plans for growth

We are always proud to announce that from the ground up, Ennoble IP has always been bootstrapped and profitable.

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Challenges and Opportunities/ Marketing Strategies

As a female entrepreneur, Dr. Shweta Singh attests that no matter what path we take in life, women encounter numerous problems in business, including access to financing, gender bias, work-life balance, a lack of network and mentorship, stereotyping, and workforce challenges. Access to cash is a key barrier for many female entrepreneurs, who frequently struggle to secure loans and funding to expand and scale their enterprises.

Gender bias and discrimination can also play a role, making it more difficult for women to obtain finance, form partnerships, or hire personnel. Balancing business and personal life is another common problem for female entrepreneurs, particularly working mothers.

Furthermore, It’s harder to get a genuine network of professional contacts and mentors, limiting their access to resources, opportunities, and guidance. Women entrepreneurs may confront misconceptions about their ability and commitment to their enterprises as a result of stereotyping, which can create extra barriers to success. Finally, attracting and retaining qualified staff might be difficult in traditionally male-dominated businesses.

All of this came from experience, as this is what she faced while launching Ennoble IP. But it’s not that bad at all, as she did find people she could rely on, people who were willing to walk the path and make her dream come true to make India a centerpiece of innovation and development. As for marketing strategy, Dr. Shweta Singh’s advice has been, to be honest, open, and kind to your clients. As kindness goes a long way.

Future plans :

Additionally, from starting to cater internationally with Ennoble IP, her immense empathy towards women and her will to uplift them has led her to start SheReal, World’s #1 women’s professional networking platform, and Metaverse. Being a woman herself, she is familiar with the adversities that women are subjected to go through when it comes to professional growth, especially when they are rising from a background where women have not been backed adequately in professional fields.

With this thought, she continues to stay committed to encouraging women’s socioeconomic well-being and growth, empowering and uplifting the women’s community through equitable opportunities provided through automated communications and optimized workflows, and becoming an integral part of an ever-growing corporate world.

A utopia in which women from all over the world can meet and create long-lasting ties with other female professionals, with financial incentives for women to form strong bonds to advance their professions, based on DLT and Web 3.0, which provides concrete opportunities and prospects for women to establish a successful footprint. Dr. Singh is a determined entrepreneur who is an active investor in many women-led startups and small enterprises.

She even founded The Women Entrepreneurship and Innovation Foundation (WIEF), an NPO dedicated to aiding innovative female-led startups to reach new heights.

A quote from the founder on the journey, dealing with the challenge, or any inspiring moment.

Dr. Shweta Singh is a firm believer that life is a gift from God and should not be taken lightly; the likelihood of us even being alive is so remote that not giving everything we have seems ungrateful, no matter the consequences, no matter how difficult the paths become, we should never back down and should always be willing to go above and beyond.

“There is one life, so be confident and determined to create your own identity because once you know who you are, you are unstoppable.” Dr. Shweta Singh.

Your website/apps / and contact details

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Website: www.ennobleip.com

Contact Email: contact@ennobleip.com

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