Everything You Need to Know About Mascot Logos


Creating an emotional attachment with potential consumers may be the most difficult but rewarding aspect of a business launch.

Having a mascot to be your organization’s face can help you stand out from the crowd and keep clients coming back. You may be shocked to know how adaptable a mascot’s custom logo design is. Go through this article to learn everything in detail about a mascot logo.

A mascot is an artistic character representing a company or organization. It can also be considered as a brand ambassador or a spokesperson of the organization.

Your mascot’s appearance is entirely up to you and the information you would like to convey to your clients. Some companies use legendary animals and abstract entities as their brand ambassadors, while others go for the animated depiction of any person.

The fact that a mascot is a live character who symbolizes a company distinguishes it from other logo forms. It helps to humanize the brand while giving a personality to it.

What to Think of When Choosing a Mascot

When it comes to designing your mascot logo, there are some things to remember.


If you’re from the IT sector and need to pitch to a group of suitors, a bunny mascot is not a good idea. Using a mascot logo isn’t a great idea when you are considering a security logo.

Remember that you will need a mascot to connect with people and reach out to them emotionally. So, prior to moving on, double-check that the cover fits the pot.

Your top pick for mascot success is families, kids, and a boisterous crowd.


Mascot logos frequently include a huge amount of information in the design, thus making the process of scaling them challenging. Consider using your mascot in conjunction with a wordmark or omitting it from business cards or other branded products requiring small font.

Alternatively, you may make your mascot out of a few geometric forms to make it easy to scale.

Channels of distribution

Have you given any consideration to how you wish to market your company? Mascot logos look fantastic on enormous billboards or signs, in television advertisements, at live events, as well as on the handles of social media pages.

Perhaps you connect with your potential customers through YouTube videos, blog articles, or in-person events. It’s critical to consider how your mascot will fit into any marketing platform you choose.

If most of your marketing consists of giving presentations or sales pitches, for example, a mascot may be less useful.

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Mascots are meant to be the long-term face of your company, so rebranding them after placing their faces out there is quite challenging.

When designing your logo, keep your company messaging, values, and long-term objectives in mind and ensure they connect with the mascot who will be representing you.

Mascot logos Types

It would be best if you had your mascot embody all your company stands for while also connecting with the target audience. It may seem not easy to find a single figure who can accomplish everything, but happily, there are many different mascot types to pick from.

Let’s have a look at them:



Animals are a classic mascot that caters to a diverse audience and can easily fit the spirit of your company.

The scary red-eyed wolf of Night Racing says a lot about its company’s image. If Night Racing’s mascot were a sparkling unicorn, the vibe would be drastically different.

The same can be said regarding Go Music’s logo. They required a mascot to express their edgy, independent feelings, and the perfect way to be doing it was with a cool, unexpected ox.

At times, an animal logo, like Hootsuite’s, may be the most rational option for your company. The owl was cleverly linked to the ‘hoot’ by the social marketing software. Simple and to the point.

Enigmatic figures

Nothing shouts mystery like a mysterious character.

Some people, like Shroud, may choose a cryptic, unrecognizable mascot to hide their genuine identity. The internet’s most popular Twitch streamer took on a mascot that was physically encased in an ‘S’ shape.

While choosing a mystery character as your mascot, remember that it gives the viewers an interpretation, which entails some risk. What if your target audience doesn’t understand what you’re attempting to say?

However, there are situations when taking a chance is worthwhile. Take, for example, the iconic band Black Sabbath. The band’s famous symbol is a horn-bearing winged figure with a devil’s tail. Henry is now their official icon, signifying the rebellious attitude of the music genre. It’s a significant addition to the design aesthetic of Black Sabbath.

It lives up to its name.

Playing it safer isn’t like and about keeping things simpler.

Creating a live, breathing character out of your company name, if it’s “Lamp Shade” or “Forest Fairy”, is a good idea. Take a look at the rabbit of Taskrabbit’s and the skating penguin of Penguins. Both are easily remembered and immediately recognizable.

A mascot having a big personality who represents the brand? That is an excellent mascot.

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Animated personalities

You may not know how often mascots were animated characters. Several of them are almost living legends. Consider Mr. Monopoly or Wendy.

Since 1935, the portly older man with a bowtie, a mustache, and a top hat has been globally renowned and famous. Mr. Monopoly has even been the subject of fun fact sites. It’s quite impressive as you develop a mascot having a life beyond the brand.

Colonel Sanders’ face appears on the KFC emblem (even though he is not fictional, but instead the restaurant’s creator). As previously stated, keep things basic!

Bringing the Product to Life

Why not make your brand your mascot since you are proud of it?

For 104 years, Mr. Peanut has been associated with the snack brand Planters. That is until he passed away and was resurrected as a newborn peanut, courtesy of Kool-Aid Man’s magical tears.

Then there’s Poppin’ Fresh, also recognized as the Pillsbury Doughboy, having the chef’s hat tilted and a properly tied scarf. Despite his diminutive size, the Doughboy has turned into a star, with Doughboy items and a family named after him.

This demonstrates that a mascot is a live character who exists outside the logo. Mascots add individuality to the brand so that no other emblem can.

Mascot Logos: Who Uses Them?

You probably picture a cartoon character whipping up the crowd at some game when you picture a mascot logo. On the other hand, a mascot logo can be used in a variety of sectors.

Let’s take a look at some of the sectors that have added a mascot to their logos:

Mascots can frequently be found in gaming logos. Unless you’re a competitive and renowned gamer, you’ll want a tough mascot like Ninja’s to show your opponents that you’re serious about your game.

You want your logo to be unique, and the mascot of TimTheTatman (YouTube gamer) of a raging bear inside of a flying eagle is among the ones you won’t soon forget.

However, not all gamers’ mascot logos should be ruthless to be memorable. Take, for example, Gaming With Jen’s mascot. This gamer’s mascot, having a sword in hand and hair tied with a pink ribbon, represents her online personality and captures the interest of gaming lovers.

Sporting groups

If you’ve ever attended a sporting event, you know how quickly a mascot can attract and drive a crowd–and a team–riled up.

Sports team logo design aims to display power and intimidate their opponents. Look at the mascot of Jacksonville Jaguars, a razor-sharp fangs and the laser-like focus of the Miami RedHawks; no one tries to mess with all those men!

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The mascot of the team does not have to be threatening. It can also be a cartoon creature of a bird with a baseball cap, such as the mascot of the Baltimore Orioles.

A mascot is also beneficial to sports teams since it offers a chance for brand products, such as t-shirts or hats, with the character’s image.


Though mascots could be seen in any genre of music, punk, rock or roll, indie, and heavy metal ones are the most common.

The dark and frightening are common themes in band logos.

Some bands like Nirvana also have fashioned an iconic emblem out of a simple drawing of a grinning face since its inception in 1991. No one truly knows the actual meaning of the Nirvana mascot logo, but that mystery has piqued listeners’ interest for generations.

If you’re in the kitchen and look around at the food items, you might be shocked at how numerous food brands own a mascot as the logo.

It’s logical. Mascots are intended for families and are aimed at kids who then persuade their parents to purchase the goods.

If you check out the mascots of a few of the largest food companies, such as Quaker, Pringles, etc., you’ll find that they all smile.

After all, who wouldn’t smile after chewing into a crispy Pringle or some warm Quaker Oats?

Tech firms need a method to break through the robotic jargon and connect with customers personally.

In addition, mascots make it easier to understand what IT companies accomplish more enjoyably. Consider the Docker mascot, a whale having the container ship’s shape.

Outside of the corporation, a mascot can occasionally take its own life. Take, for example, Snoo, the ever-smiling alien of Reddit. Snoo, every Redditor’s representative on the site, was previously merely a doodle in Reddit’s cofounder’s notepad.

Bugdroid of Android is similar. It was created to be used internally by all developers. However, the design was too simple to become iconic and succeeded in appealing to a much larger audience than the community for which it was originally designed.

The mascots of Reddit and Android are simpler abstract shapes that are immediately recognizable by everyone, regardless of how tech-savvy they are.


Mascots are the first employees of your company if you consider it. Your mascot will put in a lot of effort to connect with the customers and promote the word about your company. Now it’s up to you to create an appropriate logo for your company!

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