Everything You Need to Know About Professional Fingerboards

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The passion for finger boarding will never decline; people love it for many reasons. It’s not just a hobby but an integral part of finger borders and skaters who like discovering new tricks.

The fingerboard is a miniature skateboard model that allows you to perform all the flips and tricks using your fingers. It’s lovely for skateboard lovers due to its small fingerboard decks, wheels, trucks, and excellent graphics.

This article rolls around fingerboards, what they are, the history of fingerboards, why people love them, and much more. Read on.

History of Fingerboards

Lance Mountain, a professional skateboarder, invented fingerboards in 1960 as homemade finger toys. In 1985, Mr. Mountain made fingerboard known to the world through a Powell-Peralta skateboarding video titled “Future Primitive.”

Over the years, the popularity of finger boarding increased, and the current scenario is in front of your eyes. The homemade fingerboard contained toy-train axles, tubes, and wood. The tag of first-mass production of fingerboards owns Somerville International’s Fingerboard brand.

Reasons Why People Love Fingerboarding

There are numerous reasons people love finger-boarding. Some are as follows:

  • You Can do it Anywhere: Fingerboards are small in size; hence, you can do finger boarding almost anywhere you want. You can turn your desk into a skate park or use household objects as ramps.
  • Fully Customizable: You will decide how your fingerboard will look, and you can fully customize it. Many brands offer high-quality fingerboard trucks, Decks, wheels, bushings, graphic wraps, and more. So you can create your unique setup!
  • Make Friends Over the Globe: Finger boarding has spread its wings across the globe, which means you can connect with like-minded people and make friends worldwide. Also, you can learn new tricks or share yours.
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Apart from these, this miniature model attracts people towards it, and it’s satisfying to learn new tricks on fingerboards. That’s why people love fingerboards and finger boarding.

How to Buy the Best Fingerboard?

  1. Buying the best fingerboard is not a rocket-science; you need to consider a few things. The primary considerations while buying pro fingerboards trucks are the following:-
  2. You must check customer reviews before purchasing any fingerboard.
  3. Consider the price of the fingerboard; the expensive one offers the same experience as the product with decent pricing.
  4. Fingerboard trucks must be of high quality for smooth running.
  5. Choose a fingerboard deck that looks attractive and is of top-notch quality.
  6. Ensure the brand offers a warranty if you are buying an expensive product.

Tricks For Beginners; Must Try These

After buying a fingerboard, you might think about learning all those advanced  fingerboarding tricks, but first, you need to practice. In the beginning, you can try these flips for beginners.

  • Ollie: Popping the tail of your board down with your back finger.
  • Nollie: Same as ollie, but use the front finger for popping the board’s nose.
  • 180 Ollie: Ollie and spin half a rotation.

The above-listed are the air tricks a beginner can try. Further, you must give try to fakie ollie and fakie nollie. Practice, practice, and practice; that’s what will make you a pro.

Final Words

You must read this ultimate guide if you are blank about fingerboards and curious to learn finger boarding. With this guide, you can buy the best fingerboard and learn finger boarding with the above-listed beginner flips.

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In addition, you can create your unique fingerboard design as they are fully customizable. You can make fingerboards just like you want; buy fingerboard decks, trucks, or whatever you want from a reputed brand like Obsiusfb. You will always be happy with your purchase if you buy after good research.

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