Experience The Most Aesthetic XL Pit bull & XL American Bullies with Alandise Harris

American Bullies
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The popularity of Pit bulls has increased dramatically over the years. Some well-known people, including presidents and celebrities, have shown affection for the breed and adore them. If you are also inclined towards this breed and want to see and get the most magnificent XI Pit bulls and XI American Bullies, Burrnationk9s has got you. From starting with just two dogs to now having a whole fledge family, Burrnationk9s has not purchased additional dogs and has developed from those two alone. The dog breeding facility breeds the finest canines and is open to providing dog training services to others.

Be It Bullies or Terriers, burrnationk9s Has Got What You Want

Burrnationk9s is the home to the two most widely recognized and sought-after breeds who trained by only Best Dog Trainer in Cincinnati One is the American Pitbull, known for its tenacity, grit, and gentleness around children. The second is the American bullies, with their muscular build, intimidating appearance, soft temperament, and ideal companions. Professional basketball player Alandise Harris is the founder and owner of Burrnationk9s. The kennel is located in Little Rock, Arkansas. Alandise Harris started the dog breeding venture back in 2015. No other company can match the top-notch quality of Bullies and Pitbulls bred by burrnationk9s, which are available in all colors. Many megastars, to name a few, rap group Migos, NBA champion Bobby Portis from the Milwaukee Bucks, and KJ Jefferson from the Arkansas Razorbacks have their puppies bred and trained by the kennel.

Custom Made Companions

Burrnationk9s ambition is to breed litters in which every puppy has an amazing build, excellent health, and remarkable temperament to give you exceptional pedigrees. Burrnationk9s practices ethical breeding and ensures that they use humane practices in the training and socialization of their Bully puppies. Burrnationk9s also thoroughly screens potential buyers to ensure they provide the same warmth and homes for their beloved canines. The puppies are trained to be obedient. When the puppies are old enough, Burrnationk9s ensures they are introduced to older dogs and kids to adapt to the typical environment and socialize with other people. As the puppies grow up in a loving family environment and their health and well-being are top priorities at every stage of their development, they’re well socialized and have regular contact with people and other dogs to develop a sound temperament.

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Best Breed of the Show Rings

The team at Burrnationk9s has worked with American XL Bullies and Pitbulls for more than ten years. The puppies you purchase from Burrnationk9s are renowned nationally and globally for their superior breeding and rare color variants. Numerous puppies from the kennel have taken home awards and titles from competitions worldwide that includes Best XL American Bully in Show and Best of Breed. Burrnationk9s is a passionate kennel that emphasizes preserving and improving the American Bully and Pitbull Breeds. Burrnationk9s assures their clients that their American Bully puppies meet the United Kennel Club and American Bully Kennel Club standards regarding health, temperament, and structure, preserving and improving them as American Bullies.

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