Factors to Consider When Evaluating Call Center Outsourcing Providers

Factors to Consider When Evaluating Call Center Outsourcing Providers
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Creating your own customer service center with various communication channels is known to be costly, time-consuming, and challenging. It involves big spending on things like equipment, office space, hiring and training staff, technology, and more. To mitigate these investment costs, the most effective approach is to outsource call center services to an experienced service provider.

Choosing an outsourcing service provider from the many available in the market can be overwhelming. Clients may find it time-consuming and challenging. To simplify this process, we’ve highlighted some factors to consider when selecting a vendor for call center outsourcing.

Benefits of Selecting A Call Center Service Provider

·       Business owners can focus on overseeing their company’s operations while outsourcing their call center services to a third-party provider.

·         Clients have the flexibility to adjust the staff numbers needed during peak seasons.

·         Companies get access to cutting-edge technology for handling calls and other tasks without significant infrastructure investment.

·         Clients gain access to a team of quality assurance agents to ensure an excellent customer experience.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Call Center Provider

·       Scalability and Flexibility

Opting for a call center provider or outsourcing your customer service brings notable advantages, particularly in enhanced scalability and flexibility. The outsourcing model allows for quicker scaling compared to in-house operations, leading to improved cost-effectiveness, productivity, and service levels. When selecting a provider, it’s crucial to assess not only your current requirements but also anticipate potential future needs.

What is the rate and scale of growth in your call volume and customer base? Will there be a need for scaling up or down in the near future?

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Do you encounter frequent fluctuations in call volume throughout the year?

To what extent does the provider’s contract flexibility accommodate changing needs in the future?

·       Location

The choice of location for your call center can significantly influence your overall experience, affecting aspects ranging from costs and service quality to scalability, infrastructure, reliability, and more. Therefore, thoughtful consideration of the location is essential. Take into account:

·         How important is the geographic proximity of your call center to your business needs and objectives?

·         Which locations provide the optimal balance between cost-efficiency and quality for your operations?

·         Which international time zones align well with your customer base and objectives?

·         What communication or cultural challenges may arise in the various locations under consideration?

Common call center location options include onshoring (located in the same country as your business), offshoring (outsourcing overseas), and nearshoring (outsourcing internationally, but to a country that borders or is proximate to the country of your business).

·         Expertise and Experience

Identifying a call center provider’s expertise is crucial, and it’s often reflected in the following indicators:

·         Certifications such as HIPAA and PCI compliance

·         Positive testimonials and reviews from other clients

·         Case studies showcasing successful outcomes

·         Demonstrated experience within specific industries

·         A robust and enduring business history (e.g., Global Response’s 40+ years of call center operation)

Ideally, your call center partner should grant you access to expertise and capabilities that may be lacking in-house, whether it’s bilingual agents, seasoned CX leadership, or other specialized skills. When evaluating a provider, inquire with both leadership and staff to ensure they possess the expertise necessary for your unique requirements.

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·       Performance Metrics and Quality

Likewise, an effective call center provider should showcase a commitment to quality through transparent performance metrics that underscore the outcomes they can deliver for your team. Consider posing the following questions:

·         Which performance metrics or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) align best with our goals or requirements?

·         How well-versed is this provider in tracking and enhancing relevant metrics?

·         What achievements have they recorded for clients in our industry?

·         What methods does this provider employ to measure quality?

·         Do they have a standardized and measurable Quality Assurance (QA) process?

·       Pricing Structure

Finding a call center provider with a pricing structure that aligns with your budget and proves cost-effective is a crucial consideration. The most prevalent pricing structures for call centers include:

·         Pay-per-minute: As the name suggests, paying per minute allows you to only pay for the time spent on customer calls. However, it can become expensive for companies with high call volumes.

·         Pay-per-hour: The most common and straightforward model, where you pay based on the total scheduled hours for agents assigned to your brand. This is cost-effective and often provides a clear “flat rate” for agreed-upon hours, but it can become expensive if forecasting is not accurate or call volume decreases.

·         In the pay-per-call or performance-based model, you’ll be charged a fixed rate for each handled call or transaction, or for each achieved outcome such as sales or conversions. While it may offer cost-effectiveness, budgeting for this model can present challenges.

Factors to Look for in a Partner

·         Choose a call center with a well-established reputation in the industry.

·         Before engaging with a BPO company, assess your business needs, such as phone support, live chat, email services, after-hours support, or IT support, and ensure the provider specializes in your campaign requirements.

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·         Evaluate the technology used by the company; ensure they employ the latest resources and equipment available in the market.

·         Look for a provider that offers transparency, including the provision of call recordings.

·         Assess the security measures in place; data is valuable and should be protected. PCI compliance is a positive indicator in this regard.

·         Check if the provider offers flexibility to adjust the number of staffs based on fluctuations in workload.

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