Fairytale Princess Parties Hosts Make-A-Wish Charity Event  

Fairytale Princess Parties Hosts Make-A-Wish Charity Event  
Fairytale Princess Parties Hosts Make-A-Wish Charity Event  

Fairytale Princess Parties hosted a charity event for the Make-A-Wish Canada foundation. The Make-A-Wish Canada foundation is a charity that helps fulfill the dreams and wishes of children in great need. That also made this event perfect for Fairytale Princess Parties.

Make-A-Wish Canada is committed to improving the lives of children who find themselves in the most unfortunate scenarios. For those diagnosed with terminal illnesses or facing other critical diagnoses, Make-A-Wish Canada is about making dreams come true, one wish at a time.

In the Business of Fairytale Parties

Fairytale Princess Parties is in the business of creating the most storybook-like experiences for parties, celebrations, fundraisers, and other events. For children across the country, joining forces with Make-A-Wish Canada was an ideal collaboration that raised nearly $1000 for this revered charitable foundation.

More importantly, however, than the monies raised from this charity event were the hopes, spirits, and smiles raised on the faces of the young people who shared in this experience. With a large cast in attendance, children of all ages could visit, hang out with, and even get autographs from their favorite childhood characters.

Some of the most popular characters at the event included Cinderella, Prince Charming, Belle, and Jasmine, among others, who helped make this a memorable occasion for many. With activities like cookie decorating, tea parties, and songs.

The Business of Helping Our Youth

Make-A-Wish-Canada is also aware that, in addition to helping children find a smile, granting a wish and the joy of these events can also help with healing and recovery. In the most dire cases, these occasions can also mark a bright spot in lives cut too short with too few moments and memories.

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It is also those very reasons why Fairytale Princess Parties stepped up to host this charity gala of the who’s who in Fairytale lore. With Make-A-Wish Canada being dependent on donations and the kindness of others, it was an act of kindness from Fairytale Princess Parties that made the wishes for many of these children come true.

Fairytale Endings

Fairytale Princess Parties is no stranger to hosting charity events. From dog rescue events to fairytale parties for Make-A-Wish, Fairytale Princess Parties have added magic and wonder to many occasions and for many people. The wonder and magic of Fairytale Princess Parties go beyond the storybook pages, including superheroes and other popular characters of wonder and fairytales.

When it comes to the lives of our children and young people, the best we can hope for are lives that end in happily ever afters. At Make-A-Wish Canada and Fairytale Princess Parties, that is exactly what they wish to do.


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