Fast-Track Healing: Top Strategies to Expedite Recovery After Dimple Creation Surgery

Dimple Creation Surgery

Dimpleplasty is a straightforward procedure that usually only takes a day or two for most patients to recover from, with most returning home after the effects of local anaesthetic wear off.

At the start of the procedure, a small incision is made inside of the cheek underlying your desired location for dimples. An absorbable suture is used to connect cheek muscle to skin overlying it; scar tissue forms around this adhesion creating permanent dimples.


Dimpleplasty is a quick, in-office procedure performed under local anaesthesia that typically lasts less than an hour. Patients can return home shortly after treatment is finished; though some bruising and swelling is normal following dimple creation surgery, but will subside within several weeks or months of surgery completion. Icing and over-the-counter painkillers may help soothe any discomfort experienced postoperatively.

After conducting a comprehensive consultation, your surgeon will mark the areas on your skin where dimples should be created to incorporate your ideas and wishes into a surgical plan.

Your doctor will create an incision inside of your cheek, then cut away a small section of muscle tissue to create a dimpling effect in your cheek. He or she will close this incision using absorbable stitches which will dissolve over time.

In Dimple creation, doctors use a biopsy tool to punch holes through your cheek skin into muscle tissue below. Next, an absorbable suture connects both sides of the hole; over time scar tissue will form around this suture, giving rise to permanent dimples in your cheek(s).

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Dimples are an eye-catching facial feature. Not only can they make one appear younger and richer in many cultures, they’re also seen as a sign of wealth and prosperity – but unfortunately not everyone naturally possesses charming dimples! Luckily, this aesthetic enhancement can easily be accomplished via dimple creation surgery.

Procedure involves administering local anaesthetic and using a small biopsy instrument to create manual dimples in cheek muscles. Your plastic surgeon will mark out where they want them placed before making a circular incision within the muscle. Once these dimples have set in, absorbable sutures will be attached between cheek muscle and skin which over time become permanent dimples.

Recovery after this procedure should be quick and comfortable, with most patients returning to work or regular activities two days post-op. You should avoid strenuous activity for at least several days in order to allow your dimples time to settle and heal properly.


At the time of surgery, a small, painless incision will be made within your cheek at the desired site of dimple(s). An absorbable suture will then be stitched to connect muscle and skin so they stick permanently together, creating your new dimple(s).

After your procedure, it is normal to experience mild discomfort and bruising that will subside over the following few days. Ice packs can help reduce swelling while OTC medications like Tylenol may provide temporary pain relief. We invite you to schedule a consultation where we’ll discuss your goals and work towards making them come to fruition – we look forward to meeting with you!

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Dimple creation surgery is performed under local anaesthesia for ease of administration and reduced discomfort during treatment, says our best Plastic surgeon in India.

Your surgeon will identify the areas where dimples are desired during a consultation session and make an incision inside your cheek to remove some muscle tissue, leaving a gap that resembles natural dimples when you smile.

As soon as muscle and skin have separated, an absorbable suture should be stitched to the area where they meet. As it dissolves over time and the wound heals, scar tissue forms which will permanently dimple your skin, giving rise to permanent dimples.


Pain and bruising following surgery is common, but can easily be managed with medication or icing. If there is excessive bleeding or oozing at the site, contact your physician immediately as this may indicate an infection which needs immediate treatment. Normally you will be back home two days post procedure and ready to resume normal activities.

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