Features of RGB and Neopixel Lightsabers

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Features of RGB and Neopixel Lightsabers
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Lightsabers have gained immense popularity among their fans since the Star Wars was released. 

The iconic weapons Jedi Knights and Sith Lords have used in their fight are elegant in design and available in different colors. 

Two lightsabers that stand out from the rest are – 

These glowing weapons come with different features that make them stand out. 

There are different possibilities in the Star Wars universe, and a lightsaber with exciting features is among them.

You need to understand the features of these lightsabers that can enhance your experience if you are –

  • a dedicated cosplayer, 
  • a Star Wars franchise fan, 
  • or simply a passionate collector, 

But do you know what makes them entirely different? How do you actually compare them? Well, there is a breakdown. Let’s go through their unique and impressive features. 

What are NeoPixel Lightsabers? 

Neopixel has gained huge popularity in the Star Wars community. The lightsaber of saber technology closely goes well with Jedi and Sith. The NeoPixel lightsaber is mostly loved for its customization features. 

The technology used for these lightsabers allows you to easily make your own saber. Most of the sabers light up the blade through a light source in the lightsaber hilt. 

However, NeoPixel uses LEDs inside the blade for its lighting effects. You can often find a NeoPixel blade with over a hundred diodes in its LED strips. 

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RGB LEDs have limited lighting options, but you can get more customization options due to different light sources along with the blade. 

Each LED inside a NeoPixel lightsaber can uniquely create an effect or color. Very few lightsabers provide a visual spectacle, the same as the NeoPixel does. 

NeoPixel can provide shimmer and flash depending on the user’s preference. 

You can also synchronize the effects with the sound boards, leading to an impressive display like the clashing lightsabers in the Star Wars movies. 

What are RGB Lightsabers?

Traditional lightsabers used to have a single color that represents the crystal used in the construction. 

RGB lightsabers allow people to customize and change the color of their blades. This way, you can enjoy a customized lightsaber experience. 

The lightsaber blends red, green, and blue to create amazing colors for the users. 

Most of the time, the colors available on RGB NeoPixel lightsabers depend on the model you are buying. 

Blue and green colors are synonyms with the Jedi. 

However, red represents the Sith. 

Choosing your favorite color highlights your individuality and creativity, adding a layer of cosplaying. 

RGB lightsabers also provide features such as blade effects to make the lightsabers more practical. It brings you even closer to your favorite Star Wars Character. 

Neo Pixel lightsaber and RGB lightsabers – The Difference

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Neopixel lightsabers are more challenging to build with the use of heavier electronics than ordinary RGB lightsabers. It has special visual and sound effects on the blades and the hilt. 

It also adds a more realistic look. 

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You need to know that Neopixel lightsabers are expensive compared to RGB lightsabers. Neopixel blades have more LEDs depending on their area and consume more battery quickly. 

Compared to RGB lightsabers, Neopixels have sounds and visual effects that make them last longer. 

If we consider the better one, undoubtedly, RGB lightsabers steal the show. They are a lot more modish and stylish than RGB lightsabers. They are stronger and cooler, with more sound and visual effects features.

Comparison – NeoPixel vs RGB Lightsabers


NeoPixel lightsabers are brighter than RGB lights due to Neopixel LEDs. The reason is RGB lightsabers have empty blades that get lights directly from the Hilt.


NeoPixel is premium and costlier than RGB due to its futuristic features. RGB lightsabers are economical and less costly. 


NeoPixel lightsabers have the coolest ignition modes due to the LEDs fitted to the blades. RGB lightsabers also come with modes, but the light display is less cool than NeoPixel’s. 


Neopixel lightsabers consume more power than RGB, and their battery can last about half a day. RGB lightsabers have a good battery life, which can last a full day. 


Neopixel has a wider range of colors, effects, and animations. RGB lightsabers have different variations that are a bit limited. 


Neopixel lightsabers are extremely bright and carry the features of customizing sound fonts. RGBs are suitable for heavy dueling and combat cosplay due to their lower chances of blade breakage. 


The blades of the Neopixel lightsabers come with fitted LEDs that make them much brighter than RGB lightsabers. However, RGB lightsabers emit light directly from the hilt but slowly fade because it travels to the entire blade.

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The basic components of both the sabers are almost the same. Both of them carry a hit that connects to the blade. The hilt has electronic features that control sounds and effects.

The hilt also contains – 

  • soundboard, 
  • body, 
  • tightening 
  • screw, 
  • a coupler, and 
  • a pommel cap.

The recharged battery is also there inside the hilt. However, there is a difference due to the change of radiance. 


Neopixel can be a winner in terms of aesthetics. It has futuristic features and hilt designs. On the contrary, RGB wins in terms of dueling. 


Neopixel lightsabers carry different effects when you turn them on and off. The RGB lightsabers only turn into normal tube lights. With Neopixel, you only need to do a single click for the brightness and different effects. 


You can customize the Neopixel lightsaber by adding custom sound fonts to the memory card. However, RGB lightsabers do not include a memory card, but the sound fonts are limited and pre-added. 


When you buy the one for you, it is important to consider the meaning behind each. 

Choose a saber that fits your needs and requirements. 

You need to know that the NeoPixel and RGB lightsabers have different options for the cosplayers and the lightsaber collectors. 

The RGB lightsaber is for those looking for the most affordable option and a durable blade for dueling. 

If you are looking for amazing effects and color options, the NeoPixel lightsaber is what you need. 

Both the lightsabers provide an enhanced experience that helps Star Wars fans to showcase their inner Jedi.

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