Fighter Zelensky on the cover of Time

Volodymyr Zelensky, president of war-torn Ukraine, has appeared on the cover of the latest issue of the US weekly magazine Time. Simon Schuster writes on the cover of Time how he led the country in the difficult period of more than two months long war with Russia.

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করেছে ‘How Zelensky Leeds: Inside the Compound with the President and His Team’ is the cover of Time. Regarding the offer of assistance from the United States and some European countries, Zelensky said that the world’s attention to Ukraine had bothered him as much as Russia’s bombing had bothered him.

“People have seen the war on social media, Instagram,” he said. When they get tired of seeing it, they avoid it. There is a lot of bleeding. ‘

During the first week of the war in Ukraine on February 24, Zelensky sought daily updates from the generals at sunrise. He wanted to know about the war even before that.

He later postponed the reporting time by a few hours. After breakfast, go to the president’s office. After going there, Zelensky wanted a report from the Army Generals.

Time reports that Zelensky secretly drove out of the president’s residence in Kiev to watch the Russian carnage. A Time reporter interviewed by Zelensky says the two-month war has made the Ukrainian president more assertive, quicker and more willing to take risks. 

Russia’s aggression in Ukraine has entered its third month. In the country, Russian troops have had little success against the Ukrainian military. On the contrary, Russia has suffered significant losses in its operations against Ukrainian forces.

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