Filming in Thailand – What You Should Know

Filming in Thailand
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Thailand is a highly sought-after location for filmmakers due to its diverse scenery, stunning tropical beaches as well as its unique culture and friendliness of the people. With a range of options, from urban centers to peaceful rural areas, Thailand can accommodate all types of film production. The nation’s natural beauty, featuring lush forests, stunning beaches and clear waters, is a major draw for filmmakers looking to capture breathtaking landscapes. 

Here are a few more things you should know about filming in Thailand:

What type of landscapes can be found in Thailand for filming?

Thailand has a variety of landscapes, including lush jungles, pristine beaches and crystal clear waters, which are a major draw for filmmakers looking to capture breathtaking landscapes.

Is the Thai government supportive of the film industry?

Yes, the Thai government is supportive of the film industry and offers various incentives for filmmakers to shoot their productions in Thailand. This includes tax breaks, location scouting assistance, and access to a skilled local crew.

Does Thailand offer any benefits or incentives for filmmakers?

Yes, the Thai government offers various benefits and incentives for filmmakers, including tax reductions and location scouting support. In addition, using a film production company based in Thailand, such as Greenlight Films, you will have access to a talented local crew who will make filming in Thailand a breeze.

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Is it easy to find locations for filming in Thailand?

Thailand offers a wide range of locations, from bustling cities to idyllic rural villages, making it easy for filmmakers to find the perfect location for their production. Additionally, local production companies can offer location scouting assistance for filmmakers.

What famous movies have been filmed in Thailand?

Thailand’s rich cultural heritage makes it an ideal location for period films or films set in exotic locations, as well as action/adventure films, or almost any type of production. Famous movies shot on location in Thailand include “Tomorrow Never Dies” (1997), “The Beach” (2000), “The Hangover Part II” (2011) and “The Impossible” (2012).

Do you need a visa and work permit to film in Thailand?

Yes, foreign filmmakers typically need a visa and work permit to film in Thailand. The type of visa and work permit required depends on the length and nature of the filming project. You should consult with your local Thai embassy or a Thailand based production company for advice and assistance on the specific requirements and processes.

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