Financing Your Touring Caravan Purchase

Financing Your Touring Caravan Purchase
Financing Your Touring Caravan Purchase
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When you are looking to finance a touring caravan purchase, you may have lots of questions that need answers. Getting the best value and price and having flexibility with how you pay may be one of your questions. Getting the answers and information you need before you make a decision is important.

Deciding How Much to Borrow

Touring caravans come in different price brackets, and you need to decide how much you want (or need) to borrow to purchase in your chosen price bracket. For example, you may have decided that you want to purchase a caravan that is only a few months old – therefore, you will be looking at a price bracket of 30,000 plus.  Once you have established the price bracket, you then have to think about what deposit you want to put down. A deposit for finance may or may not be required. You may find that it may reduce payments and ultimately make ownership more affordable. The amount that you want to borrow, or need to borrow, has to be established as soon as possible so that you can begin to compare finance deals and costs.

Using Online Providers and Specialists

Not all financial providers will be able to lend on a touring caravan. Before any rejection happens, it is important to reach out to the experts and specialists. These will be the ones that have handled touring finance before. For instance, you will find that Auto Finance Online will be able to give you quotes and prices for touring caravan finance, whereas high street lenders may struggle, as this is such a specialist area of lending. Online providers will be able to give you financial costs and breakdowns that will allow you to carry out direct comparisons.

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Thinking About Other Expenses

The main bulk of your financing needs will come from the purchase price of a touring caravan. However, this is not the only expense or cost you will have to think about. You will need to think about insurance costs, registration costs, and financial agreement costs. Being aware of these additional expenses as soon as possible will help make comparing finances and repayments just that little bit easier. If you are taking out a loan for your touring caravan purchase, remember that there may be arrangement fees that you have to pay, as well as one-off fees for surveying the caravan. Expenses can quickly add up, so beware of these to ensure accuracy.

Considering Running Costs

Even though you will not have running costs until you have purchased your caravan, it is important you consider them. They can mount up, and if you are repaying finance each month, it can inflate the price you pay, and in some cases, this can be unaffordable and unrealistic. Running costs can be spread throughout the year, but they must be added to your first year of ownership to ensure you have the finances you require in place. If you misjudge finances and find yourself in a financially tight spot, it can impact how you feel about owning a caravan.

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