Foam pads and ankle protection, safety measures on the motorcycle glove


So motorcycle gloves can do more than just keep cold away from your fingers, skywalker board reviews they are padded and protected in various places. Often protectors are attached to the back of the hand on the ankles. The material used may vary.

Although hard shell plastic is stable, it can also splinter. PU foam provides less protection but is far more convenient. It hardens on impact and offers a high degree of freedom of movement.

Foam pads are intended to ensure a pleasant driving experience without pressure points during the entire journey. Particularly tear-resistant are gloves that consist of a material mix with incorporated carbon or Kevlar fibers.

From thieves and constriction: The right fit ensures safety when gripping

As with all things in life, it is important to find the right balance for the gloves. If the fingers on the glove are too long, the material can clamp in gaps on the clutch lever. Wrinkles must be avoided urgently. Even fingers that are too short on the glove lead to reduced grip strength and limited freedom of movement.

Especially with leather gloves, it is worthwhile to know your glove size. It is best to try on gloves in a shop, making sure that the glove does not fit too tightly on the back of the hand. Clench your fist to test whether the motorcycle glove is tense.

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If you are not given the opportunity, simply measure the circumference of the back of your hand with a tape measure to determine your hand circumference.

Every good manufacturer has size charts that immediately tell you which hand circumference corresponds to which glove size. Online purchase of the gloves is worthwhile if you know your size: This saves money. Unlike motorcycle helmets, it makes sense to pay attention to whether you need men’s or women’s motorcycle gloves.

The manufacturers specify glove sizes either in American specifications such as S, M, and L, or you can find a description of the glove width. This is then indicated in digits (5, 6, 7, etc.).

Everything under control: Motorcycle accessories at Stiftung Warentest

Stiftung Warentest regularly checks the quality and functionality of everyday objects. However, the last test of motorcycle accessories was a long time ago. In 2004, the testing institute carried out the last motorcycle helmet test. Full-face helmets and flip-up helmets have been classified as particularly safe. The AGV K2 was the test winner among the full-face helmets at that time.

Motorcycle gloves in the test are not yet available. If you want to buy a high-quality long range electric motorcycle glove, you will not be able to avoid products from Alpinestars, Fox, and Hein Gericke. The well-known manufacturers are usually a bit more expensive but are convinced by longevity. 

FAQ about motorcycle gloves

How can I determine the right size of motorcycle gloves for me?

The glove sizes can be divided into categories from S to XXL. If you have larger hands, a custom-made product is necessary. Which motorcycle glove size you need depends on the circumference of your hand. To determine this, measure the circumference with a tape measure at the widest point of your hand. Which scope which glove size is required varies somewhat from manufacturer to manufacturer. It is best to take a close look at a table from your desired manufacturer. Such tables can be found both in various motorcycle accessories stores, as well as online.

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How do motorcycle gloves turn out?

Motorcycle gloves basically turn out the same as normal gloves. However, it is important to note with motorcycle gloves made of leather that the leather stretches due to frequent use and they thus become larger. Motorcycle gloves made of leather should therefore not be bought too large at the beginning. Nevertheless, you should not feel constricted either. It is best to try on the gloves before buying and test how well you can use your hands in them.