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Who doesn’t enjoy song revivals and the nostalgia that hits with it? If you are one of those folks then this article is for you. Circus of Power is a well-known band formed in 1985. If you ask them, they will tell you how they took the entire industry by storm as soon as their songs hit the stations.

Due to a series of misfortunes, the members split up in 1995, causing mass distress amongst many fans on the news. However, in a stunning turn of events, they declared their triumphant return in 2014, igniting a wave of elation amongst their followers. Since then, they have revived their original songs and even released new ones to demonstrate that their team is still as talented as they were before.

Why Went Wrong With The Band?

It is not uncommon to see band members move in various directions. Even in our times, bignames like One Direction and Fifth Harmony called it quits,with the members going their separate ways. Something similar happened with Circus of Power, and for personal reasons, they too diverged.

However, on their twentieth anniversary, they stunned fans by performing two gigs. The first was at Elysium in Texas, and the second was at Don Hill’s in New York City. As the fans heard their favorite songs live, the entire city of New York erupted into cheers. These two shows were so popular that fans wanted to hear more of them and tried all they could to get the band back together.

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In 2007, its vocalist Alex Mitchell revived another of their songs and was invited to perform it live twice. At one point, the entire band was supposed to make a comeback, but this did not occur because of their hectic schedules.

The Arrival of John Francis Sharkey

Fortunately, after several attempts, the band announced that they were returning for good this time. But there was a vital addition to the team this time in the form of an experienced bassist, John Sharkey. John is well-known for his distinct bass approach, and it was a fantastic chance for the band to get him on board in order to reclaim all of the focus. Sharkey had previously worked as a bassist for 9th Street Bodega and Karen Iris;therefore, he was already a pro at this game.

Apart from being a fantastic bassist, John is also an incredible actor who has directed several music videos for his band. He is widely recognized for his roles in Circus of Power: Quick and Easy (2017), Circus of Power Feat (2017), Princess of Mars (2017), and Jyrki 69: American Monster (2017).

With Circus of Power’s long-awaited comeback, fans have been anxiously devouring each new track, seeking more of that raw and unfettered intensity. Follow their Facebook page to stay up to date on all the latest happenings.

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