Formicarium for sale

Formicarium for sale

Ant farms are among the most renowned types of vivarium in the hobby. Many people may not think of a formicarium in the same way they think of an aquarium or terrarium… Those of us who are here for the true bliss of the ant kingdom will love this Formicarium!

The nest and outworld are commonly integrated into the formicarium (simply a fancy name for “ant farm”) you’ll discover below. This implies that unless you wish to enlarge your outworld or nest, you shouldn’t need to link them.

Founder formicarium is also available, which is suited for growing a single queen or a very tiny colony.

A formicarium ant habitat is often composed of plastic (acrylic) or 3D printed using translucent plastic for classroom usage or laboratory study. Formicarium is more expensive than sandwich ant farms as they are built to scientific requirements with the highest-quality materials. Sand, dirt, vermiculite, straw, and mineral pieces are commonly used to fill a formicarium. The latest formicarium designs are far superior to sandwich ant farms in that they eliminate the possibility of tunnel collapse.

Formicarium has an enlarged chamber to house a queen ant among the workers, which is particularly built for the scientific study of the life of the ant colony. The colony will only continue for as long as the worker ants live without a queen. Because all worker ants are infertile, no new ants are born without the queen to deposit eggs. But without a queen, an ant colony would suffer and die quickly.

Prices of formicarium:


Ant farms in this price bracket are fun items that aren’t designed to last. They are most likely made of low-cost materials and may crack and spill if the case is dropped. Ant farms in the $8.99 to $11.99 price bracket are a good buy. If you want to order ants, a tube of about 50 ants would set you back at about $8.99.


Expect to discover solid, well-constructed ant farms in the price bracket of $13 to $32 that are promised not to break. These farms are fantastic educational teaching aids and are very enjoyable at home.


Several producers provide interconnecting systems if you want a more complex system with many compartments and connecting passageways. You can construct your ant farm using a setup like this, which costs somewhere between $32 to $300. Ant farms of this sort are widely utilized in classrooms.


If you’re ordering ants, try to avoid buying them during periods of excessive heat or cold. When the temperature rises beyond 85°F or falls below freezing, ants cannot survive shipment.

When it comes to setting up an ant farm, be patient. Allow time for the ants to acclimate to their new environment. Some ant species begin tunneling right once, while others may huddle together for days to acclimatize to their new environment.

Diggable sand is included in some ant farm packages. Others demand that you provide your fill material. Beach sand contains salt and may host poisonous algae or chemicals, so don’t use it. Use landscaping sand, also known as horticultural sand, which may be found at local home and garden stores.

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Educational Insights GeoSafari Ant Factory

The intended audience for this model is small kids, but grownups will appreciate the process of building, filling, and sustaining a low-cost terrarium as well.

Uses a sand medium to make things easy for the ants. The assembled tank is impenetrable. There’s also a 24-page informative pamphlet included. Excellent for STEM-related educational activities. There are several feeding holes. The backdrop display and design are quite engaging.

Sand is not included in the original packing. Some changes are necessary since the support might be fragile.

Nature Bound Toys Ant Treehouse Habitat Kit with Sand, Connector Tube, Feeding Stick & Insect Instructions

With this kit, starting up with an ant farm has never been simpler. You’ll now get a food stick, unique tunneling sand, and a connecting tube on top of the treehouse-themed home. You only need to bring the insects.

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