Fortinet Firewall & Other Top Firewall Suppliers In Dubai| DATAVOX

Fortinet Firewall & Other Top Firewall Suppliers In Dubai| DATAVOX
Fortinet Firewall & Other Top Firewall Suppliers In Dubai| DATAVOX
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Irrespective of the size of your business in Dubai, having good security measures in place is very important. Firewall security from a reliable source, such as Fortinet firewall, is essential for your business network, as it helps to monitor your digital traffic and keep it protected from any unsolicited activity. That’s not all; it also prevents malicious data packets from accessing your company’s system and infecting your connected peripherals.

To keep your business in Dubai secure and fully protected from hackers, you need to choose a reliable and high-end firewall supplier. Datavox services offer support for Sonicwall firewall, Fortinet firewall, and a few other top Dubai firewall security suppliers. Read on to discover exactly how Datavox network firewall installation services can benefit your company.

Reasons to consider firewall installation for your Dubai business

Today, IT infrastructure security is a vital area that can affect the success of your Dubai business. While the advancement in technology brought tons of benefits to us, it also came with a lot of issues. One of them is cybersecurity concern, which has now become a day-to-day thing across the world, including UAE.

One effective way to secure your company’s network and keep it protected from hackers is by opting for the right network security. This is exactly what a reliable firewall installation helps your business to achieve. Fortinet firewall, Sonicwall firewall, and Cisco secure firewall are a few next-generation solutions you need to get comprehensive network protection for your business.

With Datavox, your firewall installation is in safe hands. Below are some of the goodies you stand to benefit from trusting us with your installation project:

  • With Fortinet firewall, Cisco, or Sonicwall firewall, you can safely secure your company’s network system from unsolicited access.
  • You can also control your employees’ internet time and keep them more productive for your company with the right firewall security.
  • Reliable firewall security is also essential to keep your communication on the internet smooth and secure. This security measure will prevent your organization’s network from linking to malicious sites and content.
  • Firewall security will keep your network data protected and prevent phishing and hacking attacks.
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Top 3 firewall security suppliers in Dubai to consider for your business

  1. Fortinet Firewall

Today, one top firewall security supplier that Datavox offers support for is Fortinet Firewall. If your priority is to ensure your business achieves complete protection from hidden hackers and phishing attacks, then Fortinet is the exact firewall solution that you need. This firewall supplier offers more visibility, control, and protection for your company’s network system. It ensures that your system is completely secure from threats that could affect your corporate organization.

  • Fortinet Firewall has an advantage over other suppliers because it only offers comprehensive coverage and visibility for your company’s network system. This helps to address different issues, including the complexity of security.
  • Another good thing about this solution is that it only works with a single operating system that delivers high-end security and top-notch performance.
  1. Sonicwall Firewall

Another firewall supplier that we support at Datavox is Sonicwall Firewall. Your company’s network system will get excellent firewall protection with this supplier.

  • One good thing about Sonicwall is that it enables its users to identify and control all the active applications on their network. By identifying apps based on their unique signatures, Sonicwall Firewall can enhance compliance and prevent data leakage.
  • Another cool thing about this firewall supplier is that it can help you visualize your app traffic and identify everything that’s happening on your network. This includes having an idea of why your network is slow and identifying who’s wasting your bandwidth.
  • Sonicwall Firewall will also help you prevent data leaks over email and webmail.
  1. Cisco secure firewall
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Cisco’s secure firewall is good for small, medium, and large businesses. If scalability is top on your list, then you should consider opting for this firewall supplier.

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