Four Elements Trainer Walkthrough

4 elements trainer guide
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While the players are in the game, they have a couple of doubts and keep on wondering how much more game is left, how many items they are required to search, and also how many more dungeons are there to excavate, rented to the game, in the beginning, there are many confusing intricacies of the system.

Today we are going to provide you with detailed information along with a complete walkthrough of Book 1, Book 2, Book 3, and Book 4.

Fortunately, we are here, and we get how difficult it is to remain stuck on those higher campaign missions of Four Elements Trainer and we are here to level up your team for almost any battle.

Continue and read this post completely to know how to win with a significant score and a potent team.

Four Elements Trainer Game Mechanics

Mentioned below are all the relevant details you should be aware of before playing the game, you must also be having questions like mystery might girl has any purpose if there was any reward hidden in the marketplace alley and so the solutions to questions like these and many more are down below.

Day locations


  1. Marketplace – shop
  2. Marketplace – Elder council
  3. Training
  4. Hunting 
  5. Mountain
  6. School
  7. Mine
  1. Marketplace :
  • If you want to go to the marketplace, try to go at night, as trying to shop during the day will automatically skip the time tonight and if you visit during the night and exit the shop, it will not skip the time today.
  • When the complete the sidequest Expanding the shop, conventionally you’ll earn 20-40 coins at the start of the day. It’s really beneficial if you start completing this quest as soon as possible as you will get to earn free money.
  • Do not donate 50 coins to the shop it has no purpose.
  1. Marketplace – Elder council:
  • If you visit katara’s house for the first time during the day, it will unlock the option of having a visit to the elder council.
  1. Training
  • Training will give +2 water bending.
  1. Hunting:
  • Hunting gives a +1 Affection score. And it also lowers their anger level of katara if she’s found in an angry state.
  1. Mountain:
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 You only have to visit the mountain if the story tells you to so, or else there is no purpose on going there.

  1. Mine: 

You can visit the mine and mine stones for earning money and accomplish a couple of sidequests.

7. Night locations:

  1. Marketplace – corridor
  2. Home 

4 Elements Trainer Walkthrough book 2

  • Serve drinks 
  • Drinks with soldier 
  • Gamble vs ty Lee
  • Training
  • Palace 
  • Tower 
  • Leave city
  • Armoury
  • Farm mechanics

4 Elements Trainer Walkthrough book 3

Make sure your game is up to date and running on version 0.6.13e, otherwise you will not be able to get all the obsidian!

Obsidian location:

  1. Tavern quest
  2. Maze

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