Free Utility Apps that Make Everyday Life Easier

Free Utility Apps that Make Everyday Life Easier
Free Utility Apps that Make Everyday Life Easier
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Many apps that we use everyday have simplified our lives to a great extent. So much so that we even forget to think about what a difference they make to our lives. These days, there are apps for financial transactions, tracking health and fitness, ordering food, working from home, health trackers and even apps that facilitate online sports betting and so much more. 

It can be difficult to figure out which apps are the easiest to use and most beneficial, so here’s a detailed list of apps that simplify our daily life. 

Free Utility Apps That Simplify Our Life 

  • Food delivery Apps

Zomato is a big name in India when it comes to food and grocery delivery. Zomato has changed the way people used to think about food delivery or take away packages. Whether it be your favourite restaurants or a street food vendor whose Pakoras you relish you can order almost everything on Zomato from the comfort of your home. The payment and delivery are so hassle free that you would like to do it everyday. 

Those days are long gone with Zomato when you could only think about free food delivery if the vendor like Dominos had their own delivery partners. Similar Apps that are working wonders in India are Swiggy and Uber Eats. 

  • Cab Booking Apps

Apps like Uber and Ola have made intracity and intercity travels really easy. You are just a click away from getting a cab wherever you want to go. Almost all cities in India now have services from Uber and the app comes at great help for people who simply want to use a shared transport at times. Even if you don’t own a car you would not feel really crippled in India now since all you have to do is to pick your phone and order that cab at your doorstep. 

  • Entertainment Apps
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Entertainment Apps have changed the way we used to imagine life maybe a decade ago. There are so many apps in the market for streaming your favourite movies and music. Apps like Prime video, Hotstar, Spotify etc. let you live stream cinema, TV series, music and podcasts. 

When it comes to sports from around the world you can access your favourite matches not only on OTT platforms like Hotstar and Voot. For that extra dose of fun and thrill you can also stream your favourite sports online, place bets and double your entertainment using the online betting apps in India

  • Cashless Payment Apps

Paytm has made such a big difference to our lives since its introduction and a climbing intensity of use. Paytm lets you pay for everything hassle free. Whether it is about scanning codes at supermarkets or a local grocery store Paytm and UPI covers it all. Other apps that support the cashless India mission are PhonePe, GPay and WhatsApp Pay.

You can easily pay your electricity bills, water bills, buy movie tickets, recharge your cell phone, pay for your DTH and much more using just a single App. Smartphones let you easily link your bank accounts with these apps and simplify your daily life to use Paytm as a payment method on many other apps. 

  • Remote meeting and Video Calling Apps

Since the pandemic has hit the world in 2020 the work from home culture just became even more prominent. With everyone from school teachers to IT professionals working from home Teams and similar Apps like Zoom, Google Meet and Webex make a great difference to our lives. 

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These Apps really helped the world Zoom out through the pandemic and taught a new way of working. Apart from the meeting features, these apps upgraded with even better features to facilitate team work. Features like white board and sharing meeting notes have made working easier. 

  • Calling and Video Conferencing Apps

Apps like WhatsApp not only break the barriers in the world and bring your near and dear ones closer with its messaging and calling features.  But has now become a great business platform for a lot of home owned businesses. WhatsApp now also supports the payment feature using which you can easily make payments to anyone from whom you are buying or collect payments in case you are the seller. You can also receive cashbacks with WhatsApp Pay, sometimes just similar to Paytm and Google Pay. 

It is really easy to link your WhatsApp account with your bank account for ease of transactions. In this manner WhatsApp is serving even more purpose than what it was intended for in the yester years. 


These useful apps streamline our daily life and certainly benefit many generations in different ways. These not only add comfort to our lives but also help us complete our daily tasks. It is important to realise how mobile apps simplify our daily life and appreciate the time they save and make our life more efficient. 

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