From Book Author to Bestseller: Tips and Strategies

From Book Author to Bestseller: Tips and Strategies
From Book Author to Bestseller: Tips and Strategies
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Are you an aspiring author dreaming of seeing your book on the bestseller list? Do you have a story to tell that you believe can impact the world? The journey from book author to bestseller can seem daunting, but it’s not impossible.

This blog post will explore tips and strategies to help you achieve your dream of becoming a bestselling book author. Whether you’re just starting your writing journey or have already completed your manuscript, these tips will guide you toward success. So, grab a cup of coffee, get comfortable, and dive into the world of bestselling books.

Tips and Strategies

Although making it to the bestseller list may appear an arduous task, it is attainable with the right mindset and strategy. It requires dedication and persistence, so follow these valuable tips from an expert ghostwriting services company and write a best seller in no time.

1.      Think Big and Be Patient:

 Are you dreaming of writing a bestseller? Then you need to start by building a big and unique idea. Your book should be something that excites readers and stands out. J.R.R. Tolkien, the book author of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, spent years developing his language and setting. So, don’t rush your writing process. Give your idea the time and attention it deserves to develop fully.

2.      Read Widely and Learn:

 Reading is just as important as writing when becoming a great book author. Spend a significant amount of time reading and learning from bestselling book authors. Take cues from their writing styles, plot developments, and characterizations. According to Stephen King, reading and writing are the two essential things you must do to become a great writer. As Samuel Johnson once said, “I have no desire to have a conversation with anybody who has written more than he has read.” So, read fiction and nonfiction, and improve your writing skills by reading about writing styles. Remember, to write well, you must read well.

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3.      Put in Your All:

 Writing a bestseller requires full dedication and effort. Half-hearted efforts won’t produce a bestseller if you’re a new or seasoned writer. The book authors of globally renowned bestsellers often leave their regular jobs to focus on writing without a specific financial plan. For instance, George R.R. Martin, the creator of the popular Song of Ice and Fire series, refused to appear in the final season of Game of Thrones, opting to concentrate on his books instead. If a bestselling author continues to focus entirely on writing, so should you.

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4.      Know Your Audience:

 Bestselling books must have universal appeal. To achieve this, write with your readers in mind. One way to grab your readers’ attention is through captivating opening lines. The introduction sets the tone for the book’s success. Jerry Gillies, the author of MoneyLove, emphasized the importance of well-written opening lines, stating that it determines whether he’ll read a book.

5.      Promote Your Book:

It takes more than a single book launch to reach the status of an all-time bestseller. Continuously promoting your book is crucial. Successful authors like Gary Chapman and Hal Elrod advise authors to keep talking about their books. The first launch may generate a few thousand sales, but you must keep pushing to achieve hundreds of thousands of copies sold.

6.      Edit Thoroughly:

 Bestsellers must be edited for clarity and have minimal or no grammatical errors. Take the time to ensure that your book is well-edited. Seek a third party to edit your work before submitting it to a professional editor. According to Jeff Goins, bestselling book authors, writers, and editors should concentrate on clear communication rather than grammatical perfection when editing.

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7.      Create a Lucrative Package:

A well-packaged book is easier to sell. The book’s cover, design, and title should attract readers. Ensure the cover has an eye-catching design that prompts people to pick up the book.

8.      Plan Your Marketing Strategy:

Marketing plays a significant role in turning your book into a bestseller. Stephen Key, the author of the One Simple Idea series, sold several thousand copies by making his books available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble two months before they were generally available. A smart marketing strategy can make or break a book’s success. Host giveaways and promotions before the release, and check out these 40 Ideas to Market Your Book for more inspiration.

9.      Keep It Concise:

Maintaining brevity can be challenging, particularly if you have much to write. Many successful authors have advised that being able to remove parts of a book they love is a crucial discipline. Keep your writing clear and concise. Short sentences with a mix of longer ones are the current trend, so adapt your writing style to suit.

How many books to sell till you become a bestseller? 

It’s important to understand what it means to be a bestselling author. The title is typically bestowed on authors whose books have sold many copies within a particular timeframe, usually a week or a month. The exact number of copies required to achieve this status varies depending on the market and the genre of the book.

For example, in the United States, a book must sell at least 5,000 copies weekly to make the New York Times Bestseller List. In the United Kingdom, the required number is usually around 3,000 copies a week to make the Sunday Times Bestseller List. However, these numbers can vary depending on the time of year and competition from other releases.

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It’s also worth noting that the bestselling book author status is often temporary. A book may only stay on the bestseller list for a week or two before dropping off. However, even a brief stint on the list can significantly boost an author’s profile and sales.


Writing a bestselling book may seem difficult, but it is possible to work hard and follow some tips and strategies. You need to be disciplined, persistent, and willing to learn.

Some things you can do include giving your best effort every time you write, considering your audience, talking about your book to generate interest, editing thoroughly, packaging your book attractively, having a marketing plan, and keeping your book concise and concise clear.

You can achieve your goal of becoming a bestselling author with dedication and hard work.

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