Full cast: About, Name And Logo, Founder, Investor, Competitors, Plans, Unique Features, Faqs

Full cast: About, Name And Logo, Founder, Investor, Competitors, Plans, Unique Features, Faqs
Full cast: About, Name And Logo, Founder, Investor, Competitors, Plans, Unique Features, Faqs

Fullcast is a complete Go-To-Market (GTM) planning and execution platform.  It enables users to build better territories and quotas to that sales close more deals.  It also automates common GTM activities to dramatically improve RevOps productivity and make it easy to keep execution aligned with the plan.   

Full-cast offers three different plans for SMB and enterprise-level customers.

About Fullcast –

Fullcast helps users build better GTM plans, including territory, quota, and capacity plans, and manage them in an efficient way.  It eliminates the need for spreadsheets, custom code, and multiple-point tools.  Companies that optimize their GTM plans and execute them effectively experience dramatic improvements in sales productivity.

Name Of The CompanyFull cast
Founded Year2016
Founders Of The CompanyDharmesh Singh and Bala Balabaskaran
Competitors Of The CompanySalesforce ETM
Website Of The Companyfullcast.io
Country Of OriginRedmond, WA
Investors Of The CompanyCompanion Ventures, Epic Ventures, Westwave Capital, Cowboy Ventures, fika ventures
Space Of The CompanyB2B

Full cast Name And Logo–

Full cast Founders – 

Dharmesh Singh and Bala Balabaskaran are the co-founders of Fullcast.  

Dharmesh Singh previously worked at Microsoft and Salesforce in Sales Operations roles. He has an MBA from NYU’s Stern School of Business and a BA from Bangalore University.

Bala Balabaskaran previously worked at Salesforce as the VP of GTM Technology and Operations and at Microsoft as a Principal Architect.

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Fullcast Investors –

Fullcast investors include Company on Ventures, Epic Ventures, Westwave Capital, Cowboy Ventures, and fika ventures. 

Fullcast Competitors –

Salesforce ETM – 

Salesforce Enterprise Territory Management (ETM) enables users to manage and maintain their company’s sales territories. They can create territory types, build models, and then add and test account assignment rules.

Fullcast Plans–

Fullcast offers three plans in total.  In addition, routing and/or quota management can be added for an additional cost to each of the packages.

Standard – 

The Standard plan is great for those just getting started with territory planning and management. Users can create two different territory plans. 

Professional –

The Professional plan enables users to start scaling territory planning and management and create up to 5 territory plans. This package also enables GTM automation for account hierarchies and holdouts.  

Enterprise – 

Enterprise is the most comprehensive package. It offers unlimited plans and full GTM automation.

More detail on each of the plans can be found here

Unique Features of Fullcast –

Territory Management

Fullcast lets you plan territories based on the metrics that matter to your business.  It also offers an AI-driven rules engine that balances territories 10-20x faster.  

Once territories are set, Fullcast also keeps them up to date even as company resources or strategy change. It automatically re-balances and distributes accounts according to rules you set when certain conditions occur, such as when data changes, deals close, or accounts are disqualified.  

Capacity Management

Fullcast helps users manage headcount and capacity. Users can:

  • Design role, ramp, and productivity profiles that can be used to effectively assign accounts.  
  • Track roles by “net ramped,” “to be hired,” and “to be replaced” status.   
  • Date stamp every role change so that there is an audit trail to be used for crediting and commissioning purposes.  
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Also, Fullcast automates common Capacity management tasks to reduce chaos and/or downtime when roles change.  For example, it can automatically: 

  • Moves account to new team members and/or updates quotas when roles change
  • Assigns new reps to territories.
  • Manages and expires holdouts
  • Notifies managers when coverage is missing or duplicated.
  • Notifies plan owners when capacity assumptions drift, like a ramp and hiring plans.

Quota Management

Fullcast lets you set quotas and other targets using both top-down and bottoms up approaches.  Fullcast quotas are interconnected to territories so that when territory changes occur, quotas automatically stay up to date without any manual effort on the part of the Ops team.  


Fullcast’s routing software automatically routes leads, opportunities, accounts, or cases in alignment with your GTM plan.  With a single integrated platform, you set your routing logic once.  When account or territory changes occur, everything automatically stays in sync, significantly increasing RevOps productivity and routing accuracy.

Faqs about Fullcast:-

When Was Fullcast Founded?

Fullcast was founded in 2016.

Where was Fullcast founded?

Fullast was founded in Redmond, Washington, United States.

Are there any investors in Fullcast?

Yes, there are currently five investors in Fullcast

How much money has Fullcast raised?

The company has raised $9.5MM over 6 rounds.  The latest A round was in October 2021.

In what market segment does Fullcast work?

Fullcast works in the technology market segment.

In what space does Fullcast work?

Fullcast works in the B2B space.

Who is the founder of Fullcast?

The founders of Fullcast are Dharmesh Singh and Bala Balabaskaran.

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Is Fullcast available on any social media platform?

Yes, Fullcast is active on LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Do users have to pay a fee to use Fullcast?

Yes, Fullcast offers a subscription business model.

How to reach out to Fullcast?

To contact the Fullcast, please email info@fullcast.io.


Fullcast is the only RevOps platform that enables planning and execution in a single platform. Users can build their plans fast, using the criteria that matter most to their business. Then, they can keep their plans up to day by automating common GTM activities such as territory re-balancing, routing, and account hierarchies.  Companies that use Fullcase experience dramatic gains in RevOps efficiency and Sales productivity.

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