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Only those who have seen an idea that had everything to work go down the drain know how essential project management is. Learn more about her here! Any project without the necessary management runs the serious risk of going very wrong and harming everyone involved.

The demand for project management is increasing globally. As per a recent report published by the Project Management Institute, the demand for proficient personnel in project management-oriented roles is projected to reach a staggering 87.7 million by the year 2027. 

This underscores the growing significance of project management across various industries and the pressing requirement for skilled professionals to occupy these positions. According to the report, today, 71% of global organizations have a project management office, and there is, year on year, an optimistic increase. 

In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on project management and its practical application. Also, you will get a view of the best PMP boot camp to get you ready for the real world and exams; let’s get started.

What Is Project Management?

You probably already know the concept of “project,” but it is worth remembering it here. A project is nothing more than a set of temporary activities to create a unique product, service, or result. This temporary project has a clearly defined start and end date, along with specific resources and objectives.

Developing software, constructing a building, expanding sales into a new market – these are all projects that must be expertly managed to deliver the desired results on time (and on budget). Project management involves using knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to carry out project activities and achieve desired outcomes.

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What Advantages Come With Project Management?

The benefits of managing a project are countless (even) and ensuring that deliveries are made with quality and on time. We have chosen here three of the main advantages of project management, see:

More Productivity 

The ultimate goal of project management is efficiency. A project that is well-organized ensures that everyone involved understands their tasks and deadlines. This increases efficiency without compromising quality.

Better Communication

Project management brings with it an improvement in communication between the parties involved, always ensuring the exchange of information that is vital for the execution of activities. If you’ve ever lost information throughout a project due to a lack of communication, you know how essential it is to successful delivery, right?

Monitoring and Control

The follow-up of all project activities can measure what has already been done, what is ahead, and what is behind schedule. Anyway, with this close control, corrective measures can be used if any problem is found. 

Project Management in Practice!

It’s time for the hand in the dough! The project is about to start, and before it accelerates, how about reviewing project management best practices? You know that only professionals who must have undergone PMP application are certified to handle a project.

However, if you’re planning on being certified, check out this list with a “step by step” that covers all the steps that can help ensure the project’s success.

Definition of Objectives

What is expected from the project? Who will the final product reach? What are the established goals? What resources/times are available? These are some questions that must be answered when defining project objectives. Only with clear objectives is it possible to move on to the next steps in a coherent manner and guarantee delivery within expectations.

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After knowing the objectives of the project, managers move on to the planning stage. In it, very important items such as deadlines and costs are put on paper. In addition, here, it is also possible to define the teams responsible for each stage of the project and, in some cases, price the services.


Planning lined up; it’s time for execution. This includes functions such as team management, quality management, budget monitoring, and project progress monitoring, among others.

Note that the PDCA cycle is famous at this stage of projects. It is a management tool to ensure the continuous improvement of processes through a circuit of four actions: plan, do, check, and act.


Although the generation of reports happens during all stages of the project, it is important to emphasize that, when completed, it is necessary to review the results. Thus, those involved in its development can discuss ways to optimize future projects.


Usually, only users certified by the Project Management Institute can engage in certain projects. This is because some scopes are beyond any individual, and this only becomes evident that you can handle it after passing the PMP application. Hence, we invite you to the best PMP boot camp, where you can learn and see several PMP application examples.

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