The week in AI: Generative AI spams up the web

Generative AI spams up the web
The week in AI: Generative AI spams up the web
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Monday, 10 July 2023, Bengaluru, India

They are keeping up with an industry as fast-paced as AI is a difficult task. So, until an AI can do it for you, here’s a quick summary of recent machine learning news and essential studies and experiments we should have covered on their own.

SpeedyBrand, a firm that uses generative AI to create SEO-optimised content, emerged from stealth this week, backed by Y Combinator. It has received little finance ($2.5 million) and a modest customer base (around 50 brands). But I wondered how generative AI is changing the web’s makeup.

According to The Verge’s James Vincent, generative AI models make it cheaper and easier to create lower-quality material. Newsguard, a business that provides tools for evaluating news sources, has discovered hundreds of ad-supported websites with generic-sounding names that contain misinformation generated by generative AI.

It’s producing issues for marketers. Many of the sites highlighted by Newsguard appear to be designed solely to take advantage of programmatic advertising or automated techniques for placing advertisements on websites. Newsguard discovered over 400 advertisements from 141 large businesses on 55 trash news websites in its analysis.

Not only should marketers be concerned. As Kyle Barr of Gizmodo points out, it may take one AI-generated piece to generate mountains of engagement. Even if each AI-generated piece only makes a few dollars, that’s less than the expense of creating the text in the first place and potential advertising dollars that aren’t directed to real sites.

Of course, spammy content is not new, and there have been previous waves. The web has evolved. What’s different this time is that the barrier to entry is far lower – both in terms of money and time required.

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Vincent sets an upbeat tone, hinting that if the web becomes overwhelmed with AI garbage, it may stimulate the establishment of better-funded platforms. I’m not convinced. Undeniably, we are at a tipping point, and the decisions made today about generative AI and its outputs will have long-term consequences for the web’s functionality.

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