Get to Know the Most Luxurious Seating Available

Get to Know the Most Luxurious Seating Available
Get to Know the Most Luxurious Seating Available
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By: Johanna JD

            What makes the furniture a luxury item is the fine materials, professional and seasoned craftsmen that manipulate them and typically the availability of said products. Usually, these items are held in grand showrooms and dedicated display areas owned by their designers. Yet, there is one company that is rising above the rest without all the fashion and flare of the predecessors.

Valencia Theater Seating has become the most sought after living room and home entertainment seating on the market. The business began distributing their luxury ergonomic theater seats in the early 2000’s and quickly made a reputation for themselves.


Taking over the youtube space and search engine, Valencia became a well-known entity amongst the audiovisual community and home theater enthusiasts.

Valencia brought ergonomics to their masterful motorized recliners and covered them with premium top-grain Italian leather. This combination is what gives their seating the breathability, comfort, and luxury that is deserved while settling down into a feature film or good listening session.

Starting with their ergonomics, Valencia produced a set of home seating that is truly meant for everybody. They call this science their “Comfort Index,” and it describes how their seating is specially designed to evenly distribute pressure from our joints and limbs while sitting. This means an overall more supportive and healthy posture while sitting for long periods.


Another show stopping quality of Valencia seats is the leather used to cover them. The leather chosen by Valencia Theater Seating is a top-grain, semi-aniline premium Italian leather textile. In some cases, some of their seating may come with perforated leather as well. This perforation on the leather increases the circular air flow of the seating surface to prevent any overheating.

The leather chosen and engineered by Valencia is the most supple, smooth, and supreme leather quality available for upholstery and home furnishings. They also provide a 3D builder option on their website that allows each customer to choose which leather grade is used on their seat, what color the leather comes in, and what type of grain is finished on the leather. This can help create a very luxurious curated interior space.

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Finally, All of Valencia’s seats come with full motorized recline options. Some seats in the premier lines offer a power lumbar, recline, and headrest option as well. Valencia uses a leggett and platt mechanism in all of their seats that give them a buttery smooth recline without twisting and turning to get it done. Adjusting and fidgeting in a movie is made easier and less distracting, with this feature quickly becoming a favorite amongst movie enthusiasts.

Valencia Theater Seats were designed to give everyone the best spot in the house without sacrificing comfort for style or convenience.

Valencia Theater Seats became the must-have for audiophiles and movie maniacs alike. The ergonomics meant to support long sitting times, a luxurious leather textile to fall into, and a no-hassle recline makes this seat the best addition to any listening room or home theater.

With numerous of reviews and videos promoting Valencia on Youtube and showing how theater seats are not just for the theater, it is not surprising that this company has taken off for the stars.

If you are looking for your own slice of luxury, go to their website to learn more and browse their complete selection. 

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