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Companies often provide gift cards to workers on special occasions, such as birthdays, holidays, and other festivities. Gifting workers may be challenging because of the various possible presents and the fact that every person has their preferred set of hobbies, likes, and preferences.

A Bulk Gift Card is an option for businesses to save money without sacrificing their brand image or internal processes throughout the gift-giving process. To teach you how to make a unique event from a single card.

Employee Appreciation Gift Cards in Bulk

Organisations may get many gift cards without breaking the bank or the theme by purchasing them in bulk. Typically, businesses outsource the sourcing, production, personalisation, and distribution of employee presents to a dedicated vendor or platform. Trust is cultivated, the employer-employee connection is strengthened, and morale is boosted thanks to a well-implemented bulk gift card program.

When purchasing gift cards in bulk, it may be challenging to balance giving employees something they will use and making the program viable as the business expands. Here are some aspects to consider when organising your gift card program in 2022.

Here are 5 Questions to Ask Before Sending Out a Bulk Gift

There are certain factors to be considered when making a Bulk Gift Card purchase. Gift card packages for workers may be tailored to their specific interests and preferences by completing the following five questions.

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First of All, Who Will Be Getting This?

Think about your staff’s wants, interests, and preferences to find out what they might love. The best way to find out what they would want to get as presents is to conduct surveys specifically designed to find that information out. The chosen gifting method should also consider your staff’s demographics and cultural backgrounds.

Secondly, what is the occasion?

There is always a need for a special present. It is recommended to send out bulk gifts on the following occasions:

  • Processes for Orienting New Employees
  • Celebrations of life’s milestones, including birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries
  • celebrations of professional accomplishments such as anniversaries, promotions, etc.
  • Occasions for festivity and commemoration
  • Getting something done or reaching a goal
  • Awards for retirement or goodbye
  • Rewarding Employees

To what extent do you want to impact the morale of your staff?

The context in which you attempt to evoke these feelings will serve as the primary guide. A career milestone present, for instance, can remind them how much their efforts have been recognised and appreciated. At the same time, an onboarding package or holiday gift would help them feel welcome and accepted. The same goes for the workplace; a gift card to a salon or department shop would be a pleasant and unexpected surprise for employees’ anniversary of working together. Gifts may be broken down into two categories, or they can be a mix of the two, based on the feelings you want to evoke:

  • Things like coffee mugs, wireless chargers, business swag, etc., are examples of material presents.
  • Life experiences are the focus of experiential presents. Experiential presents include gym memberships, meditation or mindfulness classes, and executive dining.
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Should You Get People Novelty Items or Practical Items?

Novelty presents are given as souvenirs to remind the recipient of a special occasion, whereas utility gifts are used in everyday life. It is usually the circumstance that dictates whether or not you give a unique or practical present. Stationery, a notebook or diary, a USB flash drive, a cardholder, etc., are all valuable things that might be included in an onboarding kit. On the other hand, a unique keepsake, like a curated gift basket, is perfect for a send-off.

The fifth question is: “How can you make it unforgettable?”

Putting some thought into the presents you give your staff can make them much more appreciated. Although it may be challenging to personalise bulk-purchased presents, an excellent supplier partnership could be the solution. There are many low-cost ways to show you care, including handwritten messages, creative wrapping, customised stickers, engraving, decals, and embroidery.

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