“GOJIVE ” A Delhi/Ncr based Startup is changing the perception of Online dating Ecosystem

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Gojive: Only application in India to arrange Blind dating

   According to “Statista” Reports Revenue in the “Online Dating” segment amounts to US$1,307m in 2017.Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2017-2022) of 4.3 % resulting in a market volume of US$1,610m in 2022.User penetration is at 5.5 % in 2017 and is expected to hit 6.3 % in 2022.Technavio’s analysts forecast the global online dating services market to grow at a CAGR of 5.31% during the period 2017-2021.

Brief Introduction and Journey :

A passionate team of 2 Co-Founders   Ritesh Kumar having  10+ years of experience as a  business analytics, consulting, transition & implementation. Worked with companies  like Genpact, FIS, Amex, USVS & “Mayank Singhal having  8+ years of experience as a business analytics, product modeling & management worked with companies  like FIS, Amex, Equifax, Fraud Analytics, Beach body & Indigo Airlines along with 1 technical partner and 2 young professionals wanted to change the landscape of dating in India. After a year of Hard work and sweat, they finally launched their dating app – GO JIVE in Jul 2017.

What is Gojive ?

GO JIVE is an only dating application in India that facilitates blind  and speed dates between like-minded people basis on  their preferences & an intelligent algorithm running on the backend to make dates between

“ A blind date set up by one of their friends led to the question – why not to create this experience for everyone,”  Says one of Their Co-Founder.

How does it work?

They set-up Blind date on Preferred DTP model – Date Time Place. Their algorithm sets update between 2 people if their preferences match.

  • Users create their profiles and set up their preferences – Date, Time and Place
  • They can browse profiles – “Make” the ones they want to meet and ‘’Break’’ they don’t want to
  • As soon as two people have expressed interest in each other by making each other, Gojive will set up a date for them based on their preferences
  • Venues are the registered and renowned chain of café’s
  • Users do not need to share their mobile numbers as Gojive customer care will help you meet
  • They have an effective tracking mechanism and on-call customer support for any inquiries
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“Founders said that company has done a survey in Delhi. The survey reveals that users of online dating apps are bored as it is becoming monotonous & is also very misleading at times. Genuine youngsters want to have a real date”

Why This Product?

We wanted to create a platform that offers our customers a unique dating experience. The idea came from an actual incident that happened with one of our friends.  A blind date set up by one of the friends led to the question – why not create this experience for everyone Also People are getting bored of chatting and messaging sessions on existing dating apps.

 “I personally loved below unique features Says one of their Cofounder”

  • application in India to arrange Blind Date and Speed dating
  • 100% verified profiles – authenticity score for each profile
  • Anonymity – Date without sharing phone number
  • Strong and most varied revenue model “

 Achievement and Award:

“According to the Gojive Founding team, Delhi /NCR and Chandigarh can’t thank them enough for their effort.  They’re arranging almost 50 blind dates in a week.

They have really taken Delhi NCR and Chandigarh by storm. They have received 50K+ download in just four months”

The celebration doesn’t end here.

  • They have recently won FB start award worth $50,000 (Facebook Programme) for start-ups.
  • They’ve been recognized as a start-up by Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion
  • Try searching ‘’GO JIVE’’ on google and every link you see talks about them.

Audience Reach and Revenue Model: 

  • They also boast of a strong revenue model, unlike their competitors.
  • Revenue sharing with a leading tea/coffee chain – contract signed for 2 years
  • Revenue from premium services – To be introduced in Jan 2018
  • Speed Dating events
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Future Plannings for 2018

  • Movie date
  • Sports date
  • Vacation date
  • Celebrity date
  • Customized date

They have partnered with Chaayos, a chain of tea cafes across multiple cities. All blind dates and speed dating events are organized at Chaayos only.

For More Details Kindly Contact to Gojive Team :

Visit – https://www.gojive.in

Co-Founders Profile:

Ritesh Kumar (Co-Founder) – 10+ years of experience in business analytics, consulting, transition & implementation. Worked with companies/clients like Genpact, FIS, Amex, USVS & many more


Mayank Singhal (Co-Founder) – 8+ years of experience in business analytics, product modeling & management. Worked with companies/clients like FIS, Amex, Equifax, Fraud Analytics, Beach body & Indigo Airlines


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Reference: foeim academy.org

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