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The marketplace for eco-friendly household products is called GoodLeap. We provide numerous mission-driven professionals servicing millions of individuals who want to improve their homes and save money easy, quick, and frictionless point-of-sale technology. Consumers may choose from a variety of flexible payment options on the GoodLeap platform for a variety of sustainable goods, such as solar panels, battery storage, smart home gadgets, contemporary HVAC systems, energy-efficient windows, updated roofs, water-saving grass, and more.

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GoodLeap is dedicated to protecting the environment, fostering enduring bonds with our esteemed partners and clients, and providing cutting-edge technology that encourages more people to adopt sustainable lifestyles.


Goodleap is a funding firm that specialises on cleantech initiatives, mostly solar energy ones. The business is well recognised for offering financing to homeowners who wish to use solar energy to lower their power costs. Recently, shoppers have grown to love Goodleap a lot. This is due to the fact that power rates are skyrocketing every year. Additionally, the US government offers a number of incentives to homeowners who utilise solar power in their residences.

Owners of homes can apply for loans with extremely cheap interest rates. Additionally, they can get tax credits in place of the money they put in their solar energy plants. In certain states, monetary incentives are offered in addition to tax breaks. Due to all of this, funding solar energy projects is a sensible financial decision. Over time, homeowners experience cheaper electricity costs, and because their home is powered by solar energy, they also contribute to the planet’s sustainability.

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Founder & Team:

A pioneer in sustainable business, Hayes Barnard is the founder, chairman, and CEO of GoodLeap. It was established in San Francisco in 2003.

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Bernard Hayes, the creator of Goodleap, formerly worked for the cleantech company SolarCity. Hayes served as SolarCity’s chief revenue officer and was a key member of the company’s executive team. Hayes has devoted his professional life to studying how to harness financial innovation to increase consumer access to cleantech. Tesla purchased the business in 2017 for a staggering $2.6 billion. The majority of the SolarCity staff members were transferred to the Tesla Model 3 automobile project.

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However, Hayes resigned from the firm and chose to go out on his own and launch Loanpal because he was so passionate about the utilisation of solar energy to increase house efficiency. Hayes has been able to turn Loanpal (now known as Goodleap) into a business with a $12 billion valuation in just five short years!

GoodLeap | Partners

Expert investors have shown interest in Goodleap, including computer tycoon Michael Dell, who is a significant investment in the company. Goodleap operates with no debt and generates a positive cash flow. Investor dividend payments are made on a regular basis by the business.

GoodLeap Highlight:

Company NameGoodLeap
FoundersHayes Barnard
Started at2003
CompetitorsRnovate America, Solar Mosaic, Sunlight Financial and Idirect Home Loans
Revenue$113.1 M
Customer care Email
Customer care Contact details
Company Valuation$12 M
IndustryBanking/ Loan
HeadquartersSan Francisco


The yearly revenue of GoodLeap is $113.1M. The data science team at Zippia discovered the following important financial KPIs after doing considerable investigation and analysis. GoodLeap employs 200 people, and its income per head is $565,600. Peak sales for GoodLeap was $113.1M in 2021.

Funding & Investors:

  • On January 27, 2021, GoodLeap completed its final financing round from a secondary market investment.
  • There are 9 investors in GoodLeap, including Davidson Kempner and MSD Partners.
  • One of the largest U.S. lenders for residential solar systems, GoodLeap LLC, has secured $800 million to support its continued growth in the sustainable home renovation market.
  • The 12-billion dollar firm is situated in San Francisco.

Business Model:

The Goodleap business model is simple. It makes money in two or three important ways.

  • First off, Goodleap receives a commission from the businesses that make the equipment that is purchased during these solar home renovation projects. Goodleap assists these businesses in boosting their sales, which enables it to collect payment from them in the form of commissions.
  • Second, origination fees and other transaction costs paid by the borrowers are how Goodleap generates revenue.
  • The fact that Goodleap does not keep these loans on its records for very long should be noted. Goodleap has already been successful in securitizing solar loans worth millions of dollars in just five years. In order to offer these loans to financial institutions, it collaborates with a number of investment banks, after which it charges a fee for maintaining the loans.
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Services Offered thru GoodLeap:

Goodleap assists lone homebuyers in setting up solar projects to increase the effectiveness of their residences. The majority of homeowners lack the funds necessary to start a home repair project on their own. They must thus borrow money to do so. Through a smartphone application, Goodleap offers these homeowners loans. It might be viewed as a point-of-sale lending facility for remodelling jobs.

Only those who are homeowners and whose names are on the property’s utility bills are eligible to apply for a loan. Goodleap offers a very cheap interest rate. They can provide financing with an interest rate as low as 3%. Loans are made by Goodleap both secured and unsecured. There is no doubt that secured loans have an interest rate that is significantly lower than unsecured loans.

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The solar equipment that has been paid for with the loan often has a lien placed on it by Goodleap. They won’t have a lien over the actual home. As a result, in the case of a default, Goodleap would only be able to foreclose on the solar system and not the actual home. Additionally, if an owner decides to sell their home, Goodleap makes it simpler for them to transfer their solar loan to the prospective buyer. Additional consumer-friendly features come with Goodleap loans. For instance, if the owners decide to pay off the loans earlier than anticipated, there is no prepayment penalty.

Awards & Recognition:

  • GoodLeap received nine prizes in 2022 and eight in 2021.
  • GoodLeap took home awards in 2022 for Best CEO, Best Company Culture, Happiest Employees, Best Career Growth, Best CEOs for Diversity, Best Operations Team, Best Sales Team, Best Places to Work in the Bay Area, and Best Company Outlook.
  • GoodLeap won in the following categories in 2021: Best Company for Diversity, Best CEO, Best Company Culture, Best Company Compensation, Best Leadership Teams, Best Sales Team, Best Places to Work in the Bay Area, and Best Company Outlook.
  • Employee satisfaction with their current employer at GoodLeap is high according to 12,321 reviews from 415 participants.
  • Employee evaluations based on their input on the Office Culture, eNPS, Happiness, and more are included in the total culture score, which is 85/100 or A+.
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Renovate America, Solar Mosaic, Sunlight Financial, and Idirect Home Loans are some of the businesses that compete with and are comparable to GoodLeap. A startup called GoodLeap (formerly Loanpal) offers sustainable home marketplace solutions.

Latest News:

  • Dec. 9, 2022 – GoodLeap Announces the Securitization of its Sustainable Home Improvement and Solar Loans for the 15th Time.
  • GoodLeap solar and sustainable home efficiency loans totaling $493 million will be securitized on September 7, 2022.
  • GoodLeap announces the securitization of $467 million in loans on May 23, 2022.
  • GoodLeap announces the closing of its 12th securitization on February 16, 2022.
  • GoodLeap surpasses $10 billion in financing for sustainable home solutions on December 9, 2021.
  • Nov. 18, 2021: $358.9 million in GoodLeap Sustainable Home Improvement Loans are securitized by Credit Suisse.

Future Plans:

About 380,000 homeowners who were undertaking green house improvements received $13 billion in financing through its platform and app, with half of that money coming in the last 12 months alone. Contractors and suppliers use GoodLeap’s point-of-sale app to immediately authorise loans for their clients; partner institutions, such as Goldman Sachs, issue the loans before securitizing the debt to sell to investors, using its software to monitor loan performance. After beginning with financing for solar panels, GoodLeap added more than 20 categories of sustainable upgrades last year, such as battery storage, energy-efficient windows, and grass that uses less water.

Some FAQs:

Is loanpal and GoodLeap the same company?

Loanpal is now GoodLeap.

What is GoodLeap 33?

The effective tool GoodLeap Pros manages the entire payment application procedure from start to finish from the convenience of a mobile device. Instantly compare prices, send in your paperwork, and receive approval in a flash.

When was the last funding round for GoodLeap?

GoodLeap closed its last funding round on Jan 27, 2021 from a Secondary Market round.

Who invested in GoodLeap?

GoodLeap has 9 investors including MSD Partners And Davidson Kempner.

Is GoodLeap a bank?

A financial technology startup called GoodLeap, formerly known as Loanpal, offers financing choices for the home solar energy sector. Paramount Equity, the company’s original name when it was created in 2003, was subsequently changed to Loanpal. The organisation changed its name to GoodLeap in June 2021.

Who owns GoodLeap?

Hayes Barnard


The basic result is that Goodleap has a distinctive business strategy that enables it to employ both its financial and technological prowess to offer financially sound solar loans. Due to a lack of competitors, the firm has been able to expand quickly. But it’s anticipated that the business may encounter some rivals soon. As a result, the business could not expand as quickly in the near future.

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