Google Meet Can Now Detect When You Raise Your Hand IRL

Google Meet Can Now Detect When You Raise Your Hand IRL
Google Meet Can Now Detect When You Raise Your Hand IRL
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To alert participants in the video chat that they have a question, Google introduced a hand motion detection tool on Google Meet that detects when your actual hand is lifted. The AI-powered function was first revealed in March.

According to the company’s most recent blog post, Google Meet only recognizes your hand when visible to the camera and must be kept far from your face and body. When you raise your hand, it can take a few seconds for the gesture detection to start working. For moderators to know that you are seeking to talk, the hand raise indicator will first display in your video window, and then you will be brought to the primary grid.

The gesture recognition feature, available with most Google Meet Workspace plans, can be turned on in the settings. It is turned off by default. The reason it’s turned off automatically for active speakers is to stop people from accidentally turning on the hand raise icon each time they wave their hands while speaking.

Google Meet Can Now Detect:

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The new feature makes you feel like you’re back in school, but it’s the same as pressing the hand raise button. Apart from nostalgic reasons, there are several potential uses for this functionality. For example, if you wish to be called on by the host without moving away from the computer mouse. Alternatively, you may have answered the phone with unclean hands while having lunch. (You understand the general notion.)

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A portrait touch-up mode was added to Google Meet last month, enabling you to apply eye whitening, under-eye lightening, and complexion smoothing effects.

Google Meet’s latest enhancement, which detects physical hand-raising in real-time, is a noteworthy progression in virtual meeting technology. This functionality simplifies communication by uniting physical and virtual interactions, enriching the meeting atmosphere. This advancement signifies a move towards using technology to mirror and adjust to innate human gestures, fostering a more fluid and encompassing environment for virtual discussions.

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