Graphic Designing Companies in Bangalore
Graphic Designing Companies in Bangalore

Top 10 Graphic Designing Companies in Bangalore

This post was most recently updated on November 20th, 2021

Graphic designing is the preparation and projection of ideas with visual and textual content. By using graphic design technologies producers can convey messages effectively with their customers. It is generally used companies to encourage their products and services. They use eye catching graphic designs in their advertisements through their websites. They can build brand identity through well prepared graphic design programs. Apart from commercial purpose graphic design also use as means of pure artistic expression. More than print related web designing now companies have forced to move animation and motion graphics

. Nowadays graphic design is increasingly popular that people are tending to visual content in today’s digital world. Graphic design companies are those who are engaged in graphic designing and the main goal of these agencies is to build brand identity by innovative design projects. If you are looking for professional graphic design company in Bangalore for your business here we will help you to choose the best. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 graphic designing companies in Bangalore. Check he list below.

List of Top 10 web designing companies in Bangalore

1Zvky design studio2009https://www.zvky.com/
2Idiom design & consulting2005https://www.idiom.co.in/
3Bare foot2012https://www.barefootconsultancy.in/
4KREO design2013https://www.kreo.in/
5Origami2000https://www.origamicreative.com/ – portfolio
6Phantom ideas2012http://www.phantomideas.com/phantom.html
7Pink lemonade2009https://www.pinklemonade.in/
8Brand vak2012http://www.brandvak.com/clients.php
9The bold creative2014https://theboldcreative.com/about/
10The Other side2001

Zvky design studio

Zvky design studio is one of the top 10 graphic design companies in Bangalore founded in 2009. It is a game, art and animation outsourcing studio with over 10 years of experience. They have goal that focuses on passion, energy and skills to deliver exemplary next generation art for all mobile, social and other gaming platforms. They have global clients including Machine zone, Social point, Google, A team Inc, Ubisoft and more. Zvky design studio creating high quality art and animation for games.

They offer 2D art & animation, 3D game art, development services and integration solutions. They stand to provide epic works for their clients and have different areas of expertise. Their strategies include brand market research, digital strategies, website audit, competitive analysis and analytics. Zvky design studio provides wide variety of game art services including slots game art, concept art, illustration 3D art, vector & isometric art, animations marketing material, UI/UR design, 2D game art animation and mobile game art.

They have a highly talented team of professionals in art, animation design and development and have contributed to over 350 games and apps. Zvky design studio specialized in augmenting and helping realize clients’ vision from inception to high quality end product. Zvky design studio has 150 +designers, 1200+projects and 350+ clients.

Idiom design & consulting 

Idiom design & consulting is one of the top 10 digital graphic design companies in Bangalore established in 2005 by Jacob Mathew. Idiom design & consulting creates affective graphic designs for companies. . Idiom design & consulting believe in leading, teaching and sharing knowledge for freely. They crack complex brand and business problems trough simple, intuitive, integrated and honest design services.

They have a mission to reduce the negative impact on the environment. Idiom design & consulting provide services including brand design, experience design, service design, culture design, packaging design, design thinking programs and more. They use mix of tried and tested tools and methods as a part of design process.

Bare foot

Bare foot is the brand consultancy firm and one of the top 10 graphic design companies in Bangalore founded in 2012. Bare foot mainly focuses on catering firms that do not have fully fledged marketing division and get wish to build a brand and increase top online presence. Bare foot they have clients in multiple industries including information technology, education, entertainment, advertising etc. Bare foot provides services in consultancy, design and research. Bare foot believes in personalized solutions. Bare foot clients include ADD, AGX, Arya, Assets, Cata poolt, Chaithanya group and Dell technologies etc. 

KREO design 

KREO design is a multi disciplinary design firm founded in 2013. Their love for innovative and ingenuous design made them one of the top 10 graphic design companies in Bangalore. KREO design helps brands break the clutter and capture the mindshare of an increasingly distracted audience. KREO design mainly focuses on a methodical multi disciplinary approach, with a deep understanding of global design trends.

Their process of service include decode, dwell, decipher, devise and deploy respectively. Their services include retail experience design, spatial experience design, event experience design, brand experience design, digital experience design and more. They have won multiple awards for their performance including CII Design excellence award 2018, Golden globe award 2018, Bharat nirman award 2018 and Global marketing excellence award 2017. They serve industries including consumer products and services, e commerce, hospitality & leisure, real estate and telecommunication. 


Origami is one of the top 10 graphic design companies in Bangalore established in 2000. They specialize in branding strategy, brand design, marketing collateral, UI/UX design, web design, facility branding and digital communication design. They mainly focus on brand designing. They offer interesting, exciting and easy to connect creative solutions. Their clients include FBB, Columbia sportswear, Smoor, Frootality, Blue stone, Purvankara, Caratlane, Zeven, Aster health care, Karle infra, sharp, Chai point, Nandos, Mindtree, Anand sweets, Taxi 4 sure and more.

They have done work for brands across India and Middle East. Origami Provide services include digital marketing, creative service, branding, internal communication. They have offices in Dubai, Trivandrum, Canada and Mumbai. They have won numerous award including gold big bang 2019,bronze big bang 2017,2019,silver big bang 2017.

Phantom ideas

Phantom ideas are a full service agency and one of the top 10 graphic design companies in Bangalore established in 2012. They are focusing on generating compelling ideas that solve business problems. Phantom ideas Helps business problems and help companies capitalize on market opportunities.

Their Clients include Benetton, Sisley, Apollo hospitals, krow, phoenix market city, Abbot, Billion hearts, Zeal and more and services start from strategic planning and moves to creative development, design, technology, web development & social media and activation & experience design respectively.

Phantom ideas provide services including strategic planning, digital communication design, creative development, activation and experience design, brand design, identity development, and more. Their purpose is to draw it out of the mist, define its contours and bring it to life.

Pink lemonade

Pink lemonade is one of the top 10 digital marketing agencies in Bangalore founded in 2009 by Tina Garg. Their strength lies in the ability to combine strong strategic thinking with refreshing and relevant communication that addresses tangible business problems. They serve full spectrum of marketing requirements to all sized companies.

Pink lemonade provides services including brand positioning & strategy, brand design, marketing collateral design, UI/UX design, brochure design, hoarding design. Pink lemonade’s primary focus is brand strategy. Their Clients include ISRO, Aazon, Akshypatra, Mahindra Aerospace, Bharatiya city, Mercedes, 3 M, Capillary, Sunday soul sante, Mphsis, Tata coffee and more.

They have won numerous awards including Bronze pepper awards 2019, Bang awards 2019, FKCCI business excellence award2018, and Top 50 hottest brand in Bangalore 2018. They have expertise team with years of experience and capabilities to deliver services in the areas of content, design, web, video and digital.

Brand vak 

Brand vak is retail and shopper marketing company and one of the top 10 graphic designing companies in Bangalore founded in 2012. They helping brands and retailers alike connect with their customer base and build a brand relationship with minimal spend on traditional advertising and marketing.

Their approach is about creativity, and passionate professionalism. Brand vak ensures overall satisfaction through 360 degree marketing solution that helps the brands build a good presence in market. Brand vak supports businesses to fulfill their dreams of being in retail by developing their brand presence stronger.

Their primary focus is retail design and provides other services like retail branding, product packaging design, brand positioning, and marketing collateral. Their Clients include Smoodies, Cornitos, Kompenero, Furlenco, Yoga bar, 3M, Habenero, peter England brae. They offer go-to retail strategy, concept development, design development and implementation strategies.

The bold creative

The bold creative is a branding agency and also the recognized as best graphic design company among top 10 graphic design companies in Bangalore established in 2014. Their customized services designed to suite clients’ brands work across industries, demographic and countries. They have focused and dedicated professionals. The bold creative Specialize in brand strategy, design and production. They provide Services including branding, UI/UX design, films, advertising, photography, live stream video, production, visual brand strategy and communication design.

The Other side

The other side is one of the top 10 graphic design companies in Bangalore founded in 2001. They Serve all industries including hospital, hospitality, retail, real estate, electronics, e commerce etc. Their services include brand identity & logo design, packaging, social media creative, web design, UI/UX design, space design, book design, communication strategy brand evolution & architecture etc.

The other side specializes in brand identity, campaign, packaging, space design and brochure. Their clients include embassy, Bombay Shirt Company, The bier library, coWrks and more.

FAQ’s about Top 10 graphic design companies in Bangalore

What is a graphic design company?

A graphic design company is a company that provides graphic design services to businesses. They create eye grabbing visual contents for their clients to promte their goods and services.

What is graphic design?

It is an art of combining images, words and ideas to convey messages to an audience 

What are the examples of graphic designing?

Logos, business cards, website lay outs, mobile apps, software interfaces and more.

What are the principles of graphic design?

Balance, contrast, emphasis, movement, proportion and rhythm

What are the types of graphic designing?

Website design

User experience design

Motion graphic design

What are the common graphic design jobs?

Graphic designer

User experience designer

Web designer

Art director

Creative director

What are the popular graphic design tools?

GIMP, Deckpin design, graphic design blogs

Which are the top 10graphic design companies in Bangalore?


Graphic design has an ability to cater ones products to consumers. Graphic design industry is expanding with new technologies gradually. There are several graphic design companies in Bangalore that offers various graphic design services. If you are looking for best graphic design companies for your business here we will help you with the list of top 10 graphic design companies Bangalore. According to us these are the best graphic design companies in Bangalore.



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