Guide to Buy the Right Rockspace WiFi Range Extender

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Not every WiFi extender is going to serve you the best. Some Rockspace WiFi extenders are good for small houses. Some WiFi extenders could lack performance when it comes to larger area coverage. So, you need to buy the right Rockspace WiFi extender to have the best internet experience and performance.

Below-given are some of the things you should keep in check before buying an extender. Make sure you don’t miss out on even a single point. Keep reading.

Buying WiFi Extender: Things to Consider


The speed delivered by the WiFi extender is crucial. Therefore, you must check the WiFi speed of your Rockspace WiFi extender. Having a standard WiFi is going to give you a faster and more reliable WiFi connection.

Does the extender you are about to buy support 802.11 ax? Is it WiFi 5 or WiFi 6 compatible? The higher the model compatibility, the more devices you can connect. Thus, you should choose a device that is compatible with a higher generation of technology.

Frequency Supported

Is the device single-band or dual-band? Can you upgrade the WiFi range repeater to tri bands? You should know about each question asked earlier. Hence, getting a dual-band WiFi extender is always better than having a single-band repeater.

It allows you to shift from one frequency to the other. So, when you experience a slow internet connection, you can switch to a different WiFi band. For instance, not many devices use a 5 GHz frequency. Thus, using a 5 GHz WiFi channel will help you bypass traffic.

Security Patches

Surfing the web without a secure connection is way riskier than you can imagine. You can fall victim to errors, bugs, or hackers. Hence, you need to buy a WiFi extender that offers secure access to the internet. Thus, you should consider devices with WPA2 and WPA3 security types.

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You get to change the WiFi password so that no one gets access to your home WiFi network. Hence, the risk of being getting hacked minimizes to the least degree.


Do you think the Rockspace extender you are about to buy is compatible with your router? If not, what is the point of buying it? Without compatibility, you can’t connect the devices. Thus, your sole purpose of buying the extender won’t come to reality.

Therefore, you must check its compatibility with the Rockspace extender you want to buy. Apart from connections, the devices should share the same frequencies. So, having a dual-band router might come in handy only if your router supports dual bands. Otherwise, you have to use the single frequency available.

Ports Available

Connecting wirelessly to the extender WiFi network is not the only method to access the internet. You can even use an Ethernet cable to join the network. However, for that, your extender should have Ethernet ports available on the device.

These ports will help you connect your T.V., laptop, game consoles, and other devices to connect to the internet. Hence, you can have the best internet connectivity to enjoy HD streaming and games.


You can’t set a high expectation with an average budget for a Rockspace extender. That is why have to be reasonable to sync your extender specification with the money you have. Make sure you don’t allocate too many funds to an extender.

Just buy an extender that comes in your budget. You should choose a range to ensure you have some flexibility while buying a Rockspace extender.

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Wrap Up

Once you have a Rockspace extender, you need to do the login. However, many users confuse it with Rackspace login. That is what you should avoid. After logging into your device, you can perform the setup process. When you connect the extender with the router, your WiFi network boosts. Thus, you can stay connected to the world around you without any hassle.

Make sure that you create a checklist of things important in a Rockspace extender. Without them, you might end up having an extender that won’t perform well. To be on the safer side, you should do thorough research about the extender. After that, you can easily have the best internet connectivity throughout your house so that you can work and enjoy yourself without any issues.

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