HDO Box APK Download for Android Devices (Phone, Tablet)

HDO Box APK Download for Android Devices (Phone, Tablet)
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Have you tried multiple apps for watching movies and tv shows on your smartphone?. I guess the answer from you is “Yes”. Then you must be tired of every single name in the movie apps category. What would you say if I introduce you to a beautiful movie app in this article?. Yes, you are going to Download HDO Box APK on your android phone and tablet from this article.

HDO Box is a brand new movie app and it’s one of the finest choices for watching high quality tv shows and movies. It is a mobile application and that too, for android devices only.

It means that you cannot install hdo box on other devices such as iOS and windows. Somehow we can manage to install hdo box on personal computers with the help of an android emulator. Okay, let’s go through the instructions to install the app on your mobile device.

HDO Box APK Download for Android Devices (Phone, Tablet)

HDO Box is a third party movie application and it’s not yet verified by google play store. In fact, the developers of the app haven’t listed the app on google play store. Until then, we have to download it from it’s website or other sites on the internet. Check below for the download link of the app (latest version).

HDO Box APK Download

Current version of the hdo box app is v2.0.6 and you may download the same from the above link. If the app gets any future updates, you can download them as well, from the above download link.

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Install HDO Box APK On Android Phones

I don’t think you need tips or instructions to enable unknown sources on your android phone. But to make it complete, we are going to share the A to Z of the hdo box installation on android.

  1. Open Settings on your android mobile phone or tablet.
  2. Scroll down to Lock Screen and Security options.
  3. Now, open it and then, go to Unknown Sources.
  4. Turn it ON and you are done. This method is recommended only if this is the very first time you are installing a third party movie app on your android phone.
  5. Now, I assume that you have already downloaded hdo box apk from the above download link.
  6. So, you will have to go to the location of the hdo box apk file on your android device (example: downloads folder).
  7. Click on the hdo box apk file in order to initiate the installation process.
  8. Then, hit the “Install” option and sit quite for sometime while the installation is going on.
  9. Now, you will need to hit “Open” or “Close” to wrap up the process.
  10. On the other hand, kindly wait if your phone is scanning the installed app for safety purposes.

Finally, you may start watching all the movies and shows with just a single click or a simple search. You have to note one simple thing right here is that, hdo box app too has some issues with the player. It comes with the default hdo player and you need to make use of it and it’s not possible to use any third party video players.

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