Top 10 Healthcare Software Companies

Healthcare Software Companies
Healthcare Software Companies
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The fast development of the healthcare industry has expanded innovative conceivable outcomes, particularly for healthcare software. An ever-increasing number of clinical offices and associations take over arising patterns, for example, electronic health record (EHR) programming, mHealth, eHealth arrangements, even living systematic review software, and so on. In this article, we will see the list of Top 10 Healthcare Software Companies.

As medical services area partners set up their guide for the impending changes, it is vital for them to see every one of the potential outcomes advanced disturbance offers them tomorrow.

Top 10 Healthcare Software Companies:

Cerner Corporation:

Cerner is one of the most outstanding healthcare software organizations
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Cerner is one of the most outstanding healthcare software organizations that has sent off wellbeing reference arrangements. The product is at the cutting edge of medical services advancement, offering all encompassing benefits to the medical services industry. It is among the best healthcare organizations whose proposition incorporates programming and investigation, empowering care conveyance and worth-based care.

Cerner is intelligently evolved utilizing committed science to work on the clinical convenience of information and customized medication. It is an open, interoperable framework for wellbeing information curation. Cerner helps wellbeing associations in overseeing ongoing circumstances and lessening health holes.

  • Headquarters: North Kansas City, Missouri, U.S.
  • Founded in: 1979
  • Healthcare Focus: Health and wellness consulting, behavioral health, application services, continuum of care, etc.


Athenahealth is one of the creative top healthcare software organizations
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Athenahealth is one of the creative top healthcare software organizations in the USA. This organization is created with cutting edge includes that assistance in investigating bits of knowledge into medical care and making it more human-accommodating. Athenahealth accomplishes with medical clinics and medical services associations in the USA to assist them with enhancing their monetary activity and convey a-list wellbeing support.

Athenahealth is a cloud-based clinical consideration arrangement that interfaces more than 140k wellbeing suppliers on an information fueled open-network stage. It offers patient commitment, documentation of clinical records, income cycle, and care coordination administrations.

  • Headquarters: Watertown, Massachusetts, U.S.
  • Founded in: 1997
  • Healthcare Focus: electronic health records, medical billing, telehealth, care coordination, etc.


ScienceSoft is a US-based IT counseling and software development organization
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ScienceSoft is a US-based IT counseling and software development organization with workplaces in Europe and the Middle East. In healthcare IT beginning around 2005, ScienceSoft plans and executes HIPAA-agreeable clinical programming to convey virtual consideration, work on understanding results and care quality, lessen readmissions and confusions, and keep ePHI secure.

Having 100+ finished medical care projects, ScienceSoft conveys programming for healthcare associations (medical clinics, centers, clinical labs, and so on), clinical gadget producers, drug organizations, as well as laid out clinical programming organizations and new businesses. It comes in the list of the best Healthcare Software Companies.

  • Headquarters: McKinney, Texas, U.S.
  • Founded in: 1989.
  • Healthcare Focus: patient applications, telehealth apps, IoMT, medical device software
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Softeq is one of the medical and healthcare software organizations that has changed medical care associations carefully
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Softeq is one of the medical and healthcare software organizations that has changed medical care associations carefully. With cutting edge highlights and innovative enumerating, clinics can now lessen administrative work, serve more patients, keep up with wellbeing records, and access clinical information put away on open-organization.

Not at all like other U.S. medical services programming organizations, Softeq stands apart for its advanced belief system. The product offers Remote patient monitoring (RPM), AI-based clinical imaging arrangements, and continuous work process management.

  • Headquarters: Suite 125 Houston, Texas 77079 USA
  • Founded in: 1997
  • Healthcare Focus: remote patient monitoring (RPM), AI-based medical imaging solutions, workflow management


Intellectsoft sent off its administrations in 2007
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Intellectsoft sent off its administrations in 2007 with a talented and master group. From that point forward, it has helped healthcare and different other industries in utilizing enormous information. This organization assists in investigating major difficulties of the medical services industry and changing the primary patterns that will influence the market.

Intellectsoft helps in finding and dissecting enormous information that might change the course of how clinical consideration, public consideration, and individual consideration are performed. This product advancement organization helps associations in investigating new plans of action and accomplish better dynamic effectiveness. It is one of the most amazing Healthcare Software Companies.

  • Headquarters: Palo Alto, CA
  • Founded in: 2007
  • Healthcare Focus: mHealth, telemedicine, IoMT, AI, Blockchain, etc.



Healthcare associations battle adjusting business prerequisites all the while keep up with medical services. Allscripts is a stop answer for healthcare IT organizations that would rather not split the difference with human existence when in the medical services business.

An adjustable stage adjusts to your necessities and fabricates associated wellbeing networks over the open organization. Allscripts makes this advanced change conceivable by giving inventive HER, monetary and functional administration, patient administration, populace wellbeing management, accuracy medication, investigation, and intercession arrangement. It comes in the list of the best Healthcare Software Companies.

  • Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
  • Founded in: 1982
  • Healthcare Focus: electronic health records, electronic prescribing, revenue cycle management, practice management, document management, medication services, hospital care management, etc.


Headspring is one of the devoted medical software organizations
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Headspring is one of the devoted medical software organizations intended to advance the wellbeing business and further develop medical services. Today, when healthcare is the main subject, associations look for master information and inventive stages to upgrade lives.

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Headspring offers ensuing outcomes by wedding profound industry experiences and high level programming ability. Likewise, the stage tends to extraordinary and fundamental medical services necessities the nation over through its created innovation.

  • Healthspring has cooked explicit advanced prerequisites to clinical makers, medical care suppliers, protection gatherings, and different pharma and biotech organizations.
  • Headquarters: Austin, Texas 78759 USA
  • Founded in: 2001
  • Healthcare Focus: high-value asset tracking, accelerated digital transformation, donor recruitment & engagement, data analysis, connected systems and devices.


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CompuGroup Medical is a healthcare IT organization going about as a scaffold between doctors, labs, recoveries, care offices, and emergency clinics. Among top medical software organizations, CompuGroup is capable and holds a superior comprehension of how the clinical business functions to improve human lives. Medical care is quite possibly the most touchy area.

CompuGroup oversees programming for clinical experts, as well as items for interfacing them. The stage is perceived as the best medical care programming organization interfacing patients with specialists and clinical offices. It is one of the most amazing Healthcare Software Companies.

  • Headquarters: Germany
  • Founded in: 1987
  • Healthcare Focus: hospital information systems, lab solutions, care management, electronic health records, etc.

Glorium Technologies:

Glorium Technologies
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Glorium Technologies is a full-cycle application and software development organization that serves explicit client business needs by means of the most ideal innovation arrangements. Could it be said that you are a startup or a moderate size business attempting to push your undertaking to the market quicker?

Could it be said that you are fostering a computerized item for Healthcare or Real Estate? We furnish tech new businesses with the vital and specialized aptitude they need to construct their vision, for less. With profound information in numerous enterprises, we work close by your group, helping with making modern programming arrangements and getting to the market quicker. It comes in the list of the best Healthcare Software Companies.

HTD Health:

HTD Health
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HTD Health is an essential, present day, and enthusiastically suggested best healthcare software organization. HTD Health is a virtual wellbeing programming improvement consultancy with outrageous information and skill in the medical services space and quality designing society.

Its group is knowledgeable with the FHIR framework. HTD is energetically prescribed to associations managing clinical and medical care frameworks for its brilliant group of engineers and inside and out skill.

HTD Health centers around redoing its methodology to suit individual necessities. It is engaged with esteem creation, repayment skill, and observing speculation for different healthcare organizations.

  • Headquarters: Brooklyn, NY, U.S.
  • Founded in: 2016
  • Healthcare Focus: HTD advisory, managed services, design & development, HIPAA compliance, etc.
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Top 10 Healthcare Software Companies with their website:

S. No. Healthcare Software CompaniesWebsite
1.Cerner Corporation
9.Glorium Technologies
10.HTD Health


How to Choose Your Healthcare Software Company?

  • Substantial industry expertise
  • Technological expertise
  • Security certifications
  • Capacity and scalability
  • Experienced developers

How to Compare Healthcare Software Development Companies?

  • Communication level and understanding the client’s business needs
  • Company size
  • Pricing
  • Expertise
  • Experience
  • Agility
  • Recommendations on a software development company
  • Cultural fit
  • Tech infrastructure & office facilities
  • Knowledge transfer and easy exit process
  • Enthusiasm and passion

How Much Do Healthcare Software Companies Charge?

  • The price typically relies upon the software highlight abilities. The permitting model matters, as well, so try to think about it too prior to pursuing any of your choices.

What are the top 10 Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Healthcare Software Vendor?

  • How do you see the future of healthcare?
  • How do you stay updated about current healthcare trends?
  • How did you become a healthcare provider, and why?
  • What kind of care do elderly patients need?
  • Why did you choose the healthcare industry to work in?
  • How did you manage the situation when a patient did not disclose important information?
  • Do you have a mobile app?
  • Does your company provide tech support?
  • What equipment will I need to purchase?
  • What are the initial and ongoing costs?

What Services Do Healthcare Software Vendors Offer?

  • Analytics
  • Population Health Management
  • Clinical Solutions
  • Open & Interoperable
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Services & Technology

Why is medical software important?

Medical software empowers healthcare experts to exactly go with their choices quicker and that’s just the beginning. They likewise permit the rise of new information and are enhancing dynamic cycles, which is particularly critical to have as a top priority with regards to clinical diagnosis software.

What are the different types of software used in the healthcare industry?

  • Electronic Health Record Software (EHR Software) 
  • Medical Diagnosis Software. 
  • Medical Database Software.
  • Imaging and Visualization Software. 
  • Medical Research Software. 
  • Telehealth Software.

What are the disadvantages of electronic health records?

EHRs might cause a few unseen side-effects, for example, expanded clinical blunders, gloomy feelings, changes in power structure, and overdependence on innovation.


So, these are the list of Top 10 Healthcare Software Companies.  Nowadays, medical organizations as of now have many answers for look over and new kinds of healthcare software will keep on arising.

Computerized advancements assist medical care experts with staying aware of their patients’ requirements and distinguish and beat the difficulties of the ongoing scene circumstance. The new arrangements not just improve on the administration of a healthcare association yet additionally bring the diagnosis making process onto another level.

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