Healthy Habits That Will Complement the Use of a Standing Desk

Healthy Habits That Will Complement the Use of a Standing Desk
Healthy Habits That Will Complement the Use of a Standing Desk
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Have you started using a standing desk in your workplace or home office? That’s awesome! If you’ve upgraded your traditional fixed desk with a standing desk and have started to practice the sit-stand lifestyle, you can expect a significant improvement not only in the way you feel (reduced back pain and discomfort from prolonged sitting) but also in the way you approach your work (more energy and focus, increased productivity). You’re off to a good start!

And now that you have started, you might be looking at a complete lifestyle overhaul not only at work but also at home in order to complete a positive transformation that will benefit your health and overall wellbeing. We’re here to help!

What Other Activities Can You Do to Increase Your Daily Movement?

Check out some of the things you can do to be more active at work, at home, and everywhere else! By doing these things and slowly building the habits of more movement, you’ll be on a complete lifestyle shift before you know it!

At Work: Do Standing Meetings

What are standing meetings? Well, as their name implies, these are meetings you hold while standing. It’s time to ditch the confines of a conference room and its bulky chairs and go for open spaces with high tables where you can stand around to brainstorm ideas, discuss plans, and talk about how you can come up with new and amazing initiatives at work.

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Open office layouts have become the norm these days, and they are proving to be effective working spaces in many organizations. The dynamic environment these spaces create invite more out-of-the-box thinking and increased creativity, benefiting both employees and employers. These spaces are ideal for standing meetings.

At Work or At Home: Stretching and Desk Exercises

Whether you’re working at the office or from home, and using a standing desk, one way to keep a healthy body is to constantly engage your muscles. Alternating between sitting and standing is a good start for that. But, if you want to target other muscle groups, then a few good stretches can help you. Even better, you can look for simple desk exercises that you can do whether at your desk or while seated on your ergonomic chair.

These exercises can help stretch those muscles to improve posture, circulation, and your energy.

At Work or At Home: Outdoor Lunch Breaks

Any opportunity to go out, walk around, and stretch your muscles is a good opportunity you shouldn’t pass up on. If you usually spend your lunch breaks in front of your laptop browsing the internet, it’s time to break the habit. Close your laptop during lunch, eat a healthy meal, and go out in the sunshine. Enjoy some fresh air and a short walk, and come back refreshed for your afternoon work. If there is a park near your home or office, you can even bring and eat your lunch there. 

At Home: Embrace Physical Activities

How do you spend most of your time at home? Do you spend it in front of your television watching Netflix? In front of your PC playing computer games? If your normal day at home consists mostly of sedentary activities, it’s time to shift some of your focus on physical activities that will help you move more and stay healthy, all while improving your home. 

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Why not try gardening? If you don’t have the space, simply tending to plants in pots will help. Indoor gardening is also possible. The simple chore of cleaning—sweeping, mopping, dusting—can already add movement to your day. 

Everywhere Else: Commute or Travel More Actively 

Are you used to taking your car everywhere you need to go, even on the nearby café a block away? It’s time to make a switch. Instead of taking your car, try biking or walking. If the distance is walkable or bikeable, these are good options over driving a car. You will not only get added exercise and movement but also contribute towards reducing carbon emissions and pollution. Your body—and Mother Earth—will thank you.

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Are you ready to live a healthier lifestyle and boost your movement and your health? The sit-stand lifestyle is a good way to start, but don’t stop there. Complement your use of a standing desk with other healthy habits to enjoy the complete benefits of this lifestyle transformation.

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