Heavy Duty Pros Case Engine Rebuild Kits and More

Heavy Duty Pros Case Engine Rebuild Kits and More
Heavy Duty Pros Case Engine Rebuild Kits and More

Owners of Case engines in farm implements such as harvesting equipment and tractors or construction equipment need a reliable source of repair parts to keep older equipment operating. The Case Company has seen many changes and merges with other companies, but older Case engines are still being manufactured. Heavy Duty Pro is one of those repair part distributors equipment owners can rely on.

Fixing Case Engines with the Right Parts

Fixing Case engines can be accomplished with the appropriate engine rebuild kits and parts ordered from the right supplier. A Case engine owner can click here to find a list of available parts and kits from a reliable dealer. A dealer such as HDP will have a very large selection of parts and kits for the many types and models of Case engines. The diesel engines made by Case can be many decades old and still be capable of running with the right maintenance and repair parts. 

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The Case company made quality engines that were meant to last a long time. Many of these fine engines outlasted the original Case company. The Case Corporation made machinery including harvesting machinery, tractors, and construction equipment. They made both diesel and steam engines. There are still numerous pieces of Case machinery in use today. People even collect certain models and types of engines and machinery and work to bring them back to working condition.

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The company is now known as Case IH and has dealers across the United States. Part of the manufacturing process is still located in Racine, Wisconsin. There are also state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Fargo, North Dakota, and Grand Island, Nebraska. There is also a European headquarters in St. Valentin, Austria. The modern version of Case combines American and Austrian engineering and manufacturing know-how and excellence to create superior products.

JI Case Company Story

Racine, Wisconsin was the destination of Jerome I. Case in 1842 when he left New York State. He wanted to go to Wisconsin because of its reputation as the wheat center of the Midwest. He planned to have a career as a thresher man and, for that purpose, he purchased six ground hog threshers on credit. He sold five of them before reaching Wisconsin and used the sixth one as a model to build better threshing equipment and to earn money.

JI Case operated his new thresher manufacturing company in Racine until 1863 when he changed the firm to J.I. Case & Company in partnership with several other people. The future brought the invention by this company of a new power source. First came steam power engines and later came diesel engines. The J.I. Case Company built farm equipment, construction equipment, cars, and even experimental planes and bi-planes. The J.I. Case Threshing Machine Company name was changed to J. I. Case Company, which was also known as just Case in the late 19th century. In 1895, they started to produce gasoline engines.

In the 1990s, the Case Company merged with International Harvester’s farm equipment division, and further changes happened until 1999 when the organization merged with New Holland Agriculture to make CNH Global and became a Fiat Group division. In 1999, the Case Corporation merged with New Holland N.V. to become Case-New Holland, and more changes were to come.

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The Case Engines Live On

In the twentieth century, Case was one of the largest builders and manufacturers of tractors in the U.S. They sold thousands of tractors across the United States, and many of them are still running. Many more have been bought by collectors who plan to recondition them. Case manufactured more equipment than tractors, and much of that equipment is still around. Case construction equipment is still in use.

The most important part of Case machinery is the engine, whether it is steam, diesel, or gas-powered. Diesel engines are often being repaired, and the parts needed are available at suppliers such as Heavy-Duty Pro. Parts can be ordered online and delivered to a person’s home or business. So, there are owners of very old and very new Case products, all with engines that need to be serviced and repaired.

The first Case engines looked a lot different than the newer ones as technology and new knowledge led to changes with each successive model. As the company went through reorganizations and mergers, products also changed. It is important to have a supplier with technicians on staff who are familiar with historic as well as newer Case engines. These technicians can help Case owners order the correct parts or kits for their projects.

There is Help to Refurbish Old Case Engines or Keep Newer Ones Running

The same company that supplies parts for many models and years of Case engines can also provide instructions for repairing these engines. There are also blogs and online instructions for Case engine repairs available for those who take the time to look. Having the right parts or kits won’t get the job done if the person doing the refurbishing job doesn’t know how to install them correctly. 

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Before a Case owner begins the job of repairing a Case engine, they must have the proper instructions and ability to do the repair job successfully.

When a Case owner uses the right online distributor of Case engine parts, they will get help finding the correct part and installing that part properly. Contacting the distributor’s team can mean the difference between success and frustration during a Case engine repair job. Diesel engines are long-lasting if they are maintained correctly. Once the new parts are installed and the engine is running, it should be maintained on a regular schedule.

Everyone who is lucky enough to own a Case engine and the machinery it powers can find parts when they need them by going online to the best parts distributor. The parts must be of good quality and fit the model and year of the engine. Case diesel engine parts must be an important part of the distributor’s business. Compare the prices with other distributors to make sure they are competitive. Look on the engine for serial numbers before ordering to assure the correct parts are ordered. Ask the company representative questions to help the process go smoothly.