Here’s How Email Marketing Helps to Grow Your Business

Here's How Email Marketing Helps to Grow Your Business
Here's How Email Marketing Helps to Grow Your Business
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Marketers have uttered the phrase “email marketing is dead” for almost a decade now. With the emergence of social media, it seems like advertising on Facebook and Instagram should be everyone’s priority. However, did you know that there are over 4 billion email users in the world? That’s a lot of people opening and reading emails every day. And guess what? Customers love to hear from companies whose products they adore. They also don’t mind getting a great offer on an item that interests them, for example, most gaming websites like casino online always keep their users informed about hot offers. So having an email marketing strategy does remain vital in 2021. Still not convinced? Then let’s take a closer look at email marketing’s current role in business. We’ll also share some tips on how to build a successful email marketing campaign. Sounds good? Here we go.

Email Marketing Has a Wide Reach

Every time someone signs up for an online store to make a purchase, they need to put down their email. So most people have active email addresses just to navigate on the web. Even making a Facebook or Twitter account requires you to have one. And the widespread of email creates one of the biggest email marketing advantages: you’ll be able to reach a huge variety of people. You can target a specific audience or try to spread you influence over a new one. 

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Email Marketing Enables Extreme Personalization

Emails are an excellent way to deliver messages that are highly relevant to recipients. On Facebook and Instagram, you would let your audience know about every update regardless of what they’ve bought before, their age, location, etc. But emails enable you to use all the information gathered from customer relationship management (CRM) systems which help companies not only to target your audience super specifically but also to control the time of your employees. For example, if you know the location of your subscribers, you can make sure that in Australia, they get updates on summer products during December, January, and February. That’s when they have the hottest months. 

Some of the best email marketing examples in regards to personalization come from the gaming industry. Gaming websites like PC Gamer or Aquarium Online often send out timely emails after every customers’ action. Someone reaching a new level in a game could receive congratulations. Or someone getting back into gaming after a long pause could get a welcome-again message. And the cool thing is that those emails following the recipients’ lifecycles get opened frequently. 

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Emails Are Perfect for A/B Testing

After you’ve segmented your audience based on their interests, age, location, shopping history, etc., it’s time to start testing your offers. And there’s no better medium for A/B testing than emails. Just look at some questions that email verification marketing software like MailChimp or HubSpot can help you answer:

  • What is the send-from address that entices people to open an email? 
  • What time of day do people open your emails? 
  • How adding or taking off images impacts the unsubscribe rates?
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Answering these questions gives you a wealth of information on how to approach your audience. And remember, don’t give up if your first emails fail. That’s why you test. It helps you to find out what works and what doesn’t. For example, maybe your open rate is excellent, but people are not engaging with your content. If they’re opening your emails primarily on smartphones, the problem could be too much text and too few images. Add more pictures to your emails and test again.

Combine Your Emails With Other Marketing Channels

Email marketing, by definition, is sending out emails that entice people to buy from you and get them to engage with your brand. However, most people on your mailing list find you via social media or Google search. These are the primary gateways that lead to people subscribing to your newsletter and offers. 

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So what’s the role of email marketing ideas in this chain? As mentioned before, it’s personalization. Social media and search engines attract a wide variety of audiences. And an email gives you a chance to tailor the messages precisely to your recipients’ needs and preferences. Let’s say a customer has clicked on your social media ad and entered their email address. What can they expect from you next? You can send them a series of emails that introduce your brand. Depending on what interests your readers the most, you can send them information about your latest products, links to your website content, etc. But here’s the thing: don’t try to get a conversion with the first email. These emails aim to nurture brand awareness. You’ll be building relationships via direct communication in their inbox. It will lead to a steady flow of conversions in the long run. 

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So this was our article covering the email marketing basics. You might be wondering if there are any email marketing disadvantages? Honestly, as long as your emails aren’t “spammy,” you’ll be alright. If you target your messages, personalize them, and keep A/B testing, your fans are going to love to hear from you. And! They’re going to love buying from you. What could be better?

Are you using email marketing for your small business? If yes, then tell us in the comments whether you’re pleased with the results or not.

Author’s bio: 

Jeffrey Bishop started his own small business on the Internet a few years ago. After many failures and difficulties passed, he decided that he wanted to share his experience and knowledge with other people.

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