Highest Revenue Generating Mobile Game Category in Recent Times

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Before we begin, let’s take a quick look at the following stats. Around 25% of iOS and 21% of Android app downloads are games. Well, that’s enough to say that mobile games are not getting lost in the crowd, even in a world dominated by Instagram and influencers. There’s no harm in saying that mobile games should be crowned as the ruler of the app world.

By the end of 2021, the worldwide revenue generated from mobile games stood at a whopping $175.8 billion. The staggering growth suggests that mobile gaming revenue will surpass the $210 billion mark in 2024. But the mobile gaming space has different genres of games for players.

Game development services constantly add new titles to the different genres to keep players entertained. Have you ever wondered which category dominates the mobile gaming world regarding revenue generation? This article will explore the highest revenue-generating mobile gaming categories in detail.

1.   Puzzle Games

In the second quarter of 2021, puzzle games accounted for 21.18% of mobile gaming revenue. The most popular sub-genre is the matching puzzle games, while other sub-categories include physics puzzles, board, word, and brain games. The fun and simple nature of the games make players addicted to them.

According to reports, some findings related to mobile puzzle games are as follows:

  • Puzzle games are more popular among women (94%) than men (90%). 
  • Women are likely to play puzzle games five times a week.
  • Women above 35 claim puzzle games to be their favorite category.
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The popularity of puzzle games can be attributed to their stress-relieving features. After completing the challenging levels, the sense of accomplishment is a feel-good factor associated with the games in this category. Introducing recurring live events and at least six level goal types enable a mobile game development company to keep players engaged within their puzzle titles.

Puzzle game creators mainly generate their revenue from two monetization methods:

●     In-App Purchases

Some puzzle players prefer purchasing items inside the game that can help them win. However, some players are restricted to purchasing in-game items that don’t impact their wins. A majority of puzzle players prefer direct purchases instead of creative methods like purchases through a loot box.

But developers can’t solely rely on in-app purchases for revenue generation when it comes to puzzle games. Most players try the games in this category for a time pass and are strictly against spending money. Even though in-app purchases can serve as an efficient monetization model for some genres, puzzles are not one of them.

●     In-App Ads

In-app ads are a more reliable method for revenue generation from puzzle games. Several players are open to in-app advertisements and won’t stop playing with ads appearing at a moderate interval. But mobile game development services should understand players’ ad preferences for this strategy to be effective.

2.   RPG

Role-playing games generate 14.23% of the total revenue in the mobile gaming world. The ability to control a character, personalize and improve it throughout the quest or story, and fight enemies makes RPGs unique. A mobile game development company mainly creates RPGs for young men.

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Players inclined to this category identify themselves as gamers, unlike the ones preferring puzzles. RPG features that are fascinating for gamers include event versions of characters and different level-up types for characters. Community and social activities are extremely significant for RPG players.

RPG developers can benefit from in-app purchases like equipment items. Character ingredients, revive features, consumable boosts, and more. However, RPGs with aggressive in-app purchases will have to rely upon advertisements. The top monetization strategies for RPGs to generate higher revenue are as follows:

●     At Least Five Loot Boxes

Loot boxes are fundamental to any RPG in-app purchase model and make the games more exciting. The randomized mechanism of the loot boxes makes them utterly special. They always have a surprise element because players don’t know what’s inside them.

RPG developers succeed by offering a variety of loot boxes to players and encouraging them to spend more. Developers can also add a few special loot boxes or live event loot boxes for a limited period. The anime RPG, Seven Deadly Sins has a brilliant collection of loot boxes.

●     Ability to Purchase More Characters

Mobile game development services can enhance their monetization strategy by enabling players to purchase more characters. The top RPGs offer players to purchase 51 or more characters. Since characters are the major aspect of mobile RPGs, players never have enough.

●     Focus on Ad Preferences

RPG developers wanting in-app ads to work as revenue sources should understand user preferences. Displaying ads per the preferences of players in different demographics will ensure that the gamers don’t find them annoying. Several RPG players love ads that exhibit stories or characters.

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3.   Casino Games

Casino games contribute to 18.9% of the revenue generated from mobile gaming. Casino games include slots, roulette, poker, and more. Mobile game development services for casinos must know how to pick the right payment systems to ensure players trust them with fund deposits.

Paid memberships are one of the best methods for casino games to generate revenue. Players can also indulge in in-app purchases under the casino game category. For instance, players can purchase a free spin on a slot game.

Advertisements are also a huge monetization strategy for casino games. Casino games must choose the right platform to display their video ads. For instance, Zynga Poker has its ad on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

An ad from Zynga Poker features a player who has won $1,045,000,000. The whopping amount is alluring to all poker players. Another ad focuses on the art of bluffing, and CTA is in the form of a dare for players to sport bluffs while playing the game.  

Wrapping up

Other genres that primarily help with mobile game revenue generation in recent times are strategy, simulation, and lifestyle games. The revenue generated from a particular game will depend on its monetization mechanism and engagement factors. A mobile game development company must remember that every genre has different monetization methods

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