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Located at the center of the Asia-Pacific region and with a highly developed international business sector, Hong Kong offers a wide variety of business opportunities. Although entering this market can generate significant revenue, the process can be costly and time-consuming. Our PEO services ensure you get started quickly, easily and in compliance with the law in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong’s economy relies heavily on the service industry, with financial services and tourism being two booming sectors. Hong Kong has become a hub for start-ups and multinationals, as it is home to many leading international companies in e-commerce, fintech and software development. Hong Kong is a desirable nation that can offer your business multiple chances of success due to its highly developed free market economy and reputation for low tax rates.

What does a PEO Hong Kong do?

You can start your international growth through a PEO. By working with a PEO in Hong Kong, you can start doing business within days without having to set up a legal entity with all the tax registrations and paperwork involved.

At Bradford Jacobs, we set out to learn everything there is to know about payroll, taxes, labor laws and other local laws in Hong Kong. You can start your global expansion easily and affordably using our resources.

As your operations grow and your workforce affirms itself, we can offer expert support for payroll, tax, HR and compliance challenges.

You can quickly hire new foreign talent for your business if you are ready to start your global success with us. Through our connections and network, we find talent at all levels that matches your needs and preferences. Your new employee can help your business in Hong Kong in days instead of months, without having to open a branch there. But most importantly, we make sure that your business complies with all laws and regulations, as violating them can result in serious fines. Your preferred candidate will be recruited by one of our Hong Kong agencies and will remain under your day-to-day supervision.

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How Global PEO Works

We know your business is unique. You need a solution that supports your international ambitions, goals and business strategy. Recognizing that no two businesses are the same, our PEO services offer a consultative approach and bespoke solutions.

Your Employer (EOR) Company is affiliated with a PEO. Your new employee may be hired by this organization. With the help of his EOR firm in Hong Kong, you can manage your workforce on-site without worrying about Human Resources (HR), taxes, payroll, hiring, firing, and keeping up with changes in local laws and employment practices. . These responsibilities are taken over entirely by the EOR.

When you hire us as a PEO, we sign the contract between you and Bradford Jacobs and draw up the contract. I want you to sign it.

You have full control over the new employee’s daily activities and tasks. We are your employees’ employers, but they work for your company as part of your team. We would like to send our current employees or find new talent in Hong Kong.

Once a candidate is elected, Bradford Jacobs will act through his Hong Kong office and become his EOR. He ensures compliance with employment contracts, payroll, personnel and tax laws, as well as required visas and work permits.

Your company can quickly establish a privileged position in new markets worldwide without the danger, hassle or costs associated with setting up your own subsidiary.

We handle all procedures related to employee employment registration, but you are responsible for day-to-day management. Our consultants inform employees about eligibility, benefits and leave rules. The employee submits all signed declarations and completed time sheets. We will send you an invoice. After receiving the payment, we deduct the government fee and transfer the remaining amount to the employee’s account.

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