Hormone Therapy: What You Should Know About It

Hormone Therapy: What You Should Know About It
Hormone Therapy: What You Should Know About It
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While many types of therapy procedures are discussed frequently, seldom do we talk about hormone therapy. Though the awareness around it is still limited, its relevance is growing with time. If you wish to get a good amount of information on hormone therapy in San Diego, Livv Wellness Lounge would be the right place to get in touch with. 

Hormone replacement therapy refers to medication that constitutes female hormones. The medication is used to serve as a replacement for the estrogen that the human body stops producing when you go through menopause. Hormone therapy is largely used to treat symptoms related to common menopause including vaginal discomfort and hot flashes. 

Hormone therapy offers a wide range of benefits including reducing the possibility of a fracture taking place in postmenopausal women and preventing the chances of bone loss. The effects produced by it depend on several factors, including the type of hormone therapy you opt for. 

Forms of Hormone Therapy

As stated earlier, hormone replacement therapy centers around getting estrogen replaced, which is no longer required by your body after menopause. In that sense, estrogen therapy can be divided into two different categories. 

  • Systemic Hormone Therapy

Systemic estrogen comes in various forms like pills, creams, sprays, skin patches, gels, and rings. Based on your preference and comfort, you can choose the form which you wish to take it. These products feature a dose of estrogen that is slightly higher than what your body usually absorbs. This therapy is used to treat common symptoms related to menopause. 

  • Low-Dose Products

Low-dose vaginal preparations usually arrive in cream, ring, or tablet form. They work towards limiting the estrogen amount that the body absorbs. Low-dose preparations are mostly used to cure symptoms related to the vaginal and urinary systems. 

Hormone Therapy Benefits

When you study a therapy, one of the first things you need to find out about it is who benefits from it. Hormone therapy helps in treating a variety of issues that you could be suffering from at different points in time. 

When you are suffering from severe night sweats and hot flashes, you could opt for systemic estrogen therapy. Trying this out might just help you find relief immediately. Hormone therapy is also known for controlling vaginal symptoms pertaining to menopause like itching, dryness, and burning. 

Systemic estrogen therapy also safeguards you against a bone-thinning disease referred to as osteoporosis. To treat osteoporosis, doctors recommend the use of medications like bisphosphonates. 

If you have tried a variety of treatment procedures to cure yourself of osteoporosis and they didn’t work for you, you should try estrogen therapy. A lot of people undergo estrogen therapy after suffering from bone loss or fracture.

Hormone Therapy Strategy

To get the best out of hormone therapy, you need to put together a proper strategy. To work out a strategy that proves to be beneficial to you, you need to consult your doctor and take their help in this regard. There should be good coordination between you and the doctor to ensure the therapy procedure yields significant results.

If the doctor chooses the right delivery method and product for you, you can expect hormone therapy to be successful for you. If you undergo hormone therapy in San Diego regularly and in a systematic manner, you will be able to limit the number of medications you take. On your part, you must also make an effort to bring some important lifestyle changes.

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