House Painting Tips and Techniques -GMJ Construction

House Painting Tips and Techniques -GMJ Construction
House Painting Tips and Techniques -GMJ Construction
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House painting, whether a simple touch-up or a complete exterior makeover, can add value to your house and boost your morale. It’s also easier than you might think! We’ll walk you through the painting steps so you know exactly what to do when the time comes for this task.

How to Do Interior Painting

Before you start house painting, removing any furniture from the room is important. You should also remove any electrical outlets or light fixtures from the walls.

After that, give the walls and ceiling a thorough cleaning to get rid of any dirt and grime that may have accumulated over time. This will guarantee that for years to come, your new paint job will look its best!

Prepare your walls for painting by sanding them with medium grit sandpaper, so they’re smooth enough for primer paint application (if necessary). Primer is used as an adhesive between layers of paint—it helps keep them together while also providing an even surface on which you can apply additional coats of color later on down the road!

Metal Objector Services

  • Clean the metal by using a metal abrasive.
  • Clean the rust with a wire brush, if necessary.
  • Use a metal objector to remove paint from the surface of your object, if necessary (you may want to do this step last).

Paint electrostatically

To paint electrostatically, apply paint with a charged tool, such as an airbrush or spray gun. The charge causes the paint particles to cling together, forming a thin surface coating.

Why should you paint electrostatically? Because it’s fast and easy! You can complete large surfaces in just one pass, which saves time and money compared with traditional methods that require multiple coats of primer and topcoat (and more). It also makes cleanup easier since there are fewer solvents involved than when using conventional methods like brushing or rolling on paint by hand; plus, there’s no need for sanding between coats either!

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Stain decks

A fantastic way to shield your deck from the elements is to stain it. Staining decks also helps to make them look better and last longer. You can use a variety of different types of stains for your decking, but I recommend oil-based stains.

Oil-based stains are typically darker than others and last longer than water-based stains because they’re absorbed into the wood’s pores better than water can penetrate them. However, oil-based stains are more difficult to clean after application since they leave residue on tools and clothing (which may cause discoloration).

Exterior painting services

Before painting your exterior, you’ll need to prepare the surface. You can start by removing loose paint and cleaning the surface with mineral spirits or a degreasing cleaner. After that, prime and seal the bare wood, so it’s ready for paint. Once that’s done, you can apply two coats of exterior latex paint (with at least 24 hours between each coat).

How to Install Exterior Trim and Shutters

When painting exterior trim and shutters, it is important to make sure that you remove the shutters from the window. You will also need to remove any nails holding them in place. Once this has been done, clean off any dirt or grime on your shutter so it can be prepared for exterior painting.

To prepare for painting your shutter, sand down its surface until it is smooth enough for the paint to adhere properly.

Sweep the floor with a broom.

Sweep the floor with a broom. Sweep any debris into the dustpan, and then use your vacuum cleaner to clean it up. If there is still some dust or debris, you can use a mop to remove it.

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If there is still dirt on the floor, use a sponge mop to clean it up. If required, you may also employ a scrub brush.

After these steps, you’ll have an amazing new look for your home!

Now that you’ve learned how to paint a room, it’s time to start! Before you begin:

  1. Make sure that the room is clean and dry.
  2. If there are cracks in the walls or ceiling, fill them with spackle so they don’t become an eyesore later.
  3. Prime it with primer (this will help your paint stick better).

After these steps, you’ll have an amazing new look for your home!

Exterior house painting services by GMJ Construction Inc.

GMJ Construction Inc. has been a professional exterior house painting company in business for over 15 years. We provide a wide range of exterior house painting services, including:

  • Exterior Painting: We will paint your home’s exterior using quality products and techniques guaranteed to last. Our expert painters can also repair any damage done to the exterior during the process, such as nail holes or cracks in the siding or trim work.
  • Staining: If you want your woodwork to stand out without investing in new materials, consider staining instead! We’ll use premium stains on your existing window sills and door sills so they look new again without breaking the bank (or having to replace them).

We offer competitive pricing on all our services and free estimates with no hidden fees—ask us about it today!


We hope this article has given you a few ideas for house painting. Painting is a great way to make a home look new again, and it can even add value to your property if it needs some work done before selling. The best part about it is that there are so many different painting styles available today, from traditional colors like browns and blues to pastels like pink or yellow, all of which can give rooms an entirely different feel!

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