How American Global Freights Can Work With Clients to Move Their Goods

How American Global Freights Can Work With Clients to Move Their Goods
How American Global Freights Can Work With Clients to Move Their Goods

This post was most recently updated on March 4th, 2023

Freight services are an integral part of the American business landscape. Without them, it would be impossible for businesses to quickly and efficiently transport goods from one location to another. These services enable businesses to rapidly move products and materials and to respond to changing market conditions. Additionally, freight services provide an important economic advantage by allowing businesses to save on transportation costs and reduce the time it takes to get goods to customers. As such, freight services play a critical role in keeping the American economy competitive and efficient.

American Global Freights is a freight shipping enterprise that does more for its clients than most other shipping companies. With businesses needing these specialized services, it can be hard to find one that fits all of their needs. With AGF, the company works with its client partners to build relationships between themselves and businesses to ensure that they receive the best treatment possible from a shipping company. AGF ships in a handful of ways:


  1. Ocean Freight Forwarding

At AGF, the team recognizes the need for ocean freight forwarders who are also trusted logistics partners. They can help cover their clients’ ocean transportation service needs with the unmatched customer service that their clients rave about. 

AGF offers global ocean shipping services and helps clients transport goods on container ships to ensure an uninterrupted supply chain. Shipping containers are the backbone of international trade. They are used to move goods from one country to another, and they are also a key part of logistics chains.

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AGF is a leading global freight forwarding company with offices on several continents. “We offer international sea freight services, including ocean cargo shipping, sea container transportation and ocean logistics management,” the team with AGF expresses.

  1. Air Freight Forwarding 

American Global Freights was created by an international group of experts with decades of experience in global logistics and supply chain management. They have been providing their customers with high-quality products at competitive prices for decades now.

AGF offers a wide range of international air freight forwarding services and works with all the major airlines worldwide.

The company has been providing an outstanding level of service to their customers for years. They have unparalleled expertise in cargo services worldwide, with an excellent reputation for delivering on time and on budget. They have a global team of experienced professionals that are dedicated to providing outstanding levels of service worldwide.

  1. Ground Transportation

As a licensed freight broker, Los Angeles based American Global Freights offers domestic ground freight forwarding services as well as over the road (OTR) truck services. AGF also provides domestic ground trucking services all throughout the United States.

“As a part of our ground transportation services,” the team with AGF explains, “we offer a variety of transportation options including OTR trucking, LTL trucking, refrigerated load trucking and more.” The company is rooted in the ground transportation industry where all three founding partners, independent of each other, started their transportation careers.

American Global Freights is working with an outstanding team of customer service representatives to make shipping for businesses easier and as stress free as possible. For more information about American Global Freights and how they can make the world more manageable for your goods, visit their website

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