How Businesses are Using AI In Their Digital Marketing

How Businesses are Using AI In Their Digital Marketing
How Businesses are Using AI In Their Digital Marketing

This post was most recently updated on April 29th, 2023

Many brands and businesses are now using AI in different ways, mainly because of its ability to analyze massive amounts of data. Businesses are increasingly using it in digital marketing, with marketing businesses and teams integrating AI into their processes.

Understanding AI and Its Use in Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) teaches computers to analyze and emulate human behavior and communication. It does this by mimicking human intelligence and learning as it matures.

AI has become as useful as it has due to its ability to collect, sort, organize and analyze data, so it becomes usable in numerous ways. In digital marketing, AI is used to do the same for data collected on the business, its marketing campaigns, and customers, to help marketing teams see better outcomes while also helping grow revenue.

To answer the question, “How can AI help my business?” we will look at one area where businesses use it extensively: digital marketing.

Hiring the Right People

The success of a business’s digital marketing campaigns depends on the team tasked with coming up with the right ideas and executing them. For this reason, companies should have the right hiring practices and procedures in place. In the digital age, many businesses are turning to AI to help with recruiting.

AI can help match people with the right skills to the right vacancies. Doing this helps make the lives of recruitment agencies and HR managers much easier. Additionally, businesses are using AI to speed up their hiring processes. It does this by automating the initial recruitment rounds, which entails measuring and analyzing applicants depending on their responses to see if they would be a great fit.

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Marketing Through Better Customer Service

Any engagement point between a customer and a business is a potential marketing point. It could be direct marketing or marketing done later, depending on the data collected during the engagement.

Providing the right customer support is beneficial for both businesses and customers. Companies can collect data about their customers during engagements and use AI to help tailor messaging to different customers, customer segments, personas, and even demographics.

Chatbots are at the forefront of helping businesses do this. Powered by AI, they can collect this data and then help with sending targeted messages to the different customer segments we have discussed above.

Chatbots are easy to integrate, which is why websites use them, and many of us have interacted with them.

Predictive and Targeted Messaging

Targeted messaging goes much further than using chatbots for its delivery. Once it gathers data on customers and prospects, AI can use it to predict future behavior, which is crucial for creating targeted messaging. The content can then be delivered in custom emails to individual customers or subscribers. It can also be placed on a webpage to aid in other marketing endeavors, such as moving customers along their customer journeys.

When creating customer and targeted emails, AI can use data on pages a customer or visitor has interacted with before, the posts they have read, and the emails they have interacted with by opening or clicking on a call to action. AI can then use this data to pick content that would appeal to a specific customer.

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Targeting like this provides a better return on investment through better email open and click-through rates and website visits. It is also crucial for re-engaging customers and email subscribers who show signs of disengaging with the brand and its messaging.

Personalisation of Promotions

Promotions are a potent marketing tool that can deliver long-term returns on investment. Potential promotions include reimbursements, freebies and product suggestions. Since the business already has data on its customers and prospects, it can use AI to determine what works best for different customers and expose them to those promotions.

Another point of interest is in re-engaging customers who abandon their shopping carts. Abandoned carts are a massive problem that costs businesses billions of pounds yearly in potential sales and revenue. AI can retarget customers who abandon their carts, persuading them by using the best promotions and messaging that resonates with them. The business can then use a call to action to direct customers to pages where they can complete their purchases and receive whatever the business offers them for doing so.

AI is now embedded within technology and our lives to an extent that we use it without realizing it. On the business end, it can help optimize user experiences, allow for better targeting, improve brand awareness and loyalty, and raise revenues, which are all things marketing teams are always looking to do.

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