How can I quickly get 1000 tiktok followers?

How can I quickly get 1000 tiktok followers?
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It has been agreed that you will use tiktok! Your difficulty? Build your email list to attract customers, add a link to your bio, and activate your account with 1,000 members as soon as possible!

However, this social media platform is significantly dissimilar from Facebook, linkedin, and Instagram.

How can you then exit the game of obtaining 1,000 tiktok subscribers? You only need to adhere to our 9-step process, which help you to get 1000 TikTok followers easily.

Start a 30-day challenge

1. Videos for one month

You must take various exams when you first join a social network! And there is no better way to do it than to start a 30-day challenge. What does it include? You will post new content every day on the new platform for a month. I suggest that throughout the challenge, you upload at least one video to Tik Tok every day.

A mini-video can be made in a matter of minutes, especially if you start by creating trends. Of course, watching other types of film will take a little longer, but you won’t usually do it in excess of an hour. Isn’t it feasible?

Additionally, your videos don’t need to be flawless. After all, you’re just getting started and your account doesn’t yet have many users. The opportunity to “fail” has never been better than it is right now. In the worst case scenario, you’ll simply have to erase the recordings from the challenge that you’re least proud of.

2. Combine spoken tiktok with 50% trend covers

As we already stated, we first favoured trends. Yes, we though it would be simple when we discovered that we could duplicate a dozen trends in 3 hours (at least with a little study).  

Trends may save time, but they don’t actually help you stand out and be noticed on Tik Tok (a few thousand views at most).

We experimented with a variety of formats, including vlogs, advise, commentary responses, dialogue spoofs, and, most all, lessons and suggestions. And it was a huge success! 

Just as an illustration, one of our videos was produced in just 3 days:

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13,400 views, 751 likes, 26 comments, 347 recordings, 54 shares, and 288 additional subscribers.

The video has since received 170,000 views, 11,000 likes, 102 comments, and 6,300 saves.

Morality? Trends are helpful for adjusting to the software, but switch to spoken videos as soon as you feel like it. They take more time to construct, but they have so many more carriers and promises of subject-matter knowledge! 

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3. Write strong hooks

Everything on tiktok is played during the first few seconds. Therefore, having a firm grasp is crucial. Your video’s opening sequence needs to be engaging and pique viewers’ interest. For this, we suggest adding:

A dynamic effect, a title for your film, or perhaps a transition.

Since watch time is one of the most crucial factors considered by the tiktok algorithm, having a strong hook is crucial. More of your videos will be broadcast on the platform the longer viewers watch them.

We therefore refrain from opening our videos with “Hello, I hope you are well. And to engage viewers and compel them to keep watching, we get right to the point.

4. Encourage viewers to watch a video for longer

There are further methods to increase the completion rate (i.e., the viewing duration) of your tiktok videos in addition to a strong hook, which is crucial as we’ve already mentioned.

To name a few:

  • Create a loop by having your video’s beginning and ending coincide. As a result, the consumer will unknowingly view the entire clip before restarting it. You’ll notice that it is quite effective. Don’t be afraid to check out the work of other creators to see how they use this method.
  • Giving advice (too) soon: gives 5 suggestions, but does so a little too rapidly. In order to read the content, the Internet user will need to view it numerous times.
  • Everyone enjoys hearing stories. Encourages viewers to watch the entire film by building suspense and revealing the conclusion only at the very end.
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5. Change the material

It is advisable to switch up the content on tiktok. To prevent the user from becoming bored, the algorithm will never display two similar films to them. You decrease your probability of the algorithm highlighting you if you consistently post the same type of tiktok.

  • As a result, you can set up a plan with various content pillars:
  • Tutorials, pointers, face cam pointers, trends, and funny clips;

Don’t limit yourself to a topic that is too narrow because that would just speak to your target’s emotions. Naturally, this kind of material enables you to increase conversions, but not to enter tiktok and gain more subscribers.

Don’t just offer advice on the subject of newsletters, for instance, if you are an expert in that area. A

lso covers more basic marketing-related subjects while using as much filthy language as feasible. As a result, your tiktok may become popular, you may gain more subscribers, and your chances of engaging a larger audience will rise.

6. Add a CTA at the video’s conclusion

Do you want users to register for your account? Query them! On the platform, the “subscribe” command has a lot of power.

Do you want to grow your email list with tiktok? It’s a really smart idea! However, I warn against abusing this call to action.

It is preferable to start by growing your audience and subscriber count before occasionally (1 tiktok out of 5) sending an email with a call to action. Anyway, you’ll have to wait till you have 1,000 subscribers to add a link to your bio, so be patient!

7. Headlines and hastags

Are you a frequent user of Instagram and curious how captions and hashtags function on tiktok? NO WAY! Nobody reads the captions on tiktok. Directly in the video must be your essential material! Is it still worthwhile to spend the time writing one, then?

Yes, in our view. Recently, legends with 2,200 characters have become possible. This might have an impact on how the app references videos. To improve the SEO of your films and increase views, think about adding keywords!

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Additionally, Tiktok only allows a maximum of 5 hashtags, and they need to be nested.

Do you wish to learn more about Instagram? Discover this article: Using a successful Instagram strategy.

8. Create multiple-part videos

Utilising this method will allow tiktok to recognise you as “a good creator” while allowing your followers to view more of your videos.

As we’ve seen, the application’s viewing rate is crucial. But there’s more! The quantity of movies viewed on your account by other users is another crucial component of the algorithm.

Tiktok will consider it a favourable sign and move you up in the “for you” area if users are going to visit your profile and watch more videos. The best method for expanding your account!

How do you approach it? I’ll share with you a method that has been successfully employed by numerous developers. It involves producing videos in a number of pieces, much like the episodes of a TV show. Likewise, be careful not to exaggerate: More than enough is two or three pieces.

To accomplish this, all you need to do is envision a short video series and add some suspense in between each episode. As a result, the Internet consumer will want to visit your profile to read the conclusion.

9. Research statistics

It is crucial to examine its analytics to determine the kinds of material that resonate with your audience. Then you’ll understand how to develop so that you may make more and more popular videos and get more subscribers!

You now understand how to fast and for free gain 1,000 followers on Tik Tok (without using dubious methods like follow unfollow). If you would want more marketing advice to expand your social media business, think about following us on tiktok and Instagram.    

Don’t forget to run some tests because you never know which tiktok will succeed!

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