How Can Using A Dog Harness Can Be The Best Thing For Your Pet

Dog Harness

If you have a dog that loves to be out in front of you on your early morning run, and although you want it to be fun, it’s just not. Maybe you and your best pet like to adventure out in the car to the weekend farmer’s market or on a road trip. No matter the distance of your trip, a dog car harness can keep your dog comfortably and securely restrained in your vehicle until you’ve safely arrived. Let’s know more about the advantages of a dog harness:

A Harness Will Give The Owner/Handler More Control Of A Zesty Dog 

Big and strong dogs can be tough to handle, especially on routes with exciting stimuli and scents. However, a harness will let you properly control your enthusiastic dog when it tries to go after a bird, cat, or dog on the pavement or public park. If you use a collar the pressure is moved at the neck, and pulling on it can cause injuries in small and delicate dog breeds. On the other hand, a customized harness for dogs distributes the pressure on the back and the entire body. 

Better Safety

While walking on a sidewalk alongside a busy traffic road can be problematic and dangerous for the dog. It can also run and hide somewhere, making it hard for you to find it. Dog harnesses provide better safety as they are secured in a way that covers an extended body area. It goes over the shoulders, front limbs, and chest. This will ultimately restrict the dog from escaping. 

Neck And Trachea Injuries Can Be Prevented With A Harness

Pulling a leash puts immense strain on the puppy’s neck area. The obvious result of this will be an injury. Some small breeds have fragile bones in their necks, and just a single pull on the leash can lead to serious neck injury and severe pain. A custom dog harness undoubtedly is a better option as it can take the stress away from the neck and spread it across a larger surface of the dog’s body. Switching to a harness becomes essential in such a scenario.

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A Dog Can Entangle You On Its Leash

A leash on a dog collar is easy to drag. An enthusiastic dog can end up twisting it around you. It can target your legs and wrist or twirl the leash around your fingers. A short walk with your pet may become an unfortunate mishap, with you getting entangled, falling, and hurting. A dog cannot tangle itself or you if the leash is attached to its backside with a harness.

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