How do I know if I am a good writer?

How do I know if I am a good writer?
How do I know if I am a good writer?

Though there are millions of writers around us, not all of them can be addressed as good writers when it comes to conveying the message to the audience. As you know, writing is a vast field that allows one to go into the depths of knowledge and learn something new every time. If you call yourself a writer, there may be more than a good chance that you’ll ask yourself if I’m a good writer or not. 

Put simply, there’s not a specific definition of a good writer, but it can be determined by a number of factors that may make or break your writing. If you’re in the same boat, this article is a must-read for you to decide if you’re a good writer or not.


Honestly speaking, no one can criticize your writing more than you, but it requires the ability to find flaws in your work. Whether you write for fun or to earn a living, there’s always room to improve, and you must find that room to be a good writer. Another benefit of self-criticism is that you get familiar with your strengths and weaknesses and can work on those. 

Grammatically correct 

Grammar is one of the essential parts of writing a good piece of content. Though you don’t have to be a grammar nazi, the least you can do is learn the basics and practice as much as you can on your writing.

Moreover, grammar is probably the first thing readers notice about your writing. The majority of writers rely on grammar checking tools that are not 100% accurate and end up making silly grammar mistakes that give a bad impression to their readers. Therefore, a good writer always takes care of the grammar and manually proofreads the write-up to be on the safe side from making mistakes.

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No one is born an expert when it comes to writing. We all practice what we want to master, and the same applies to writing. If you’re a writer and often get feedback from your editors or other writers, this means you’re very close to becoming a good writer.

Be it good rejections or destructive criticism; a good writer will search for ways to improve writing and be the best version of themselves as writers.

As a good rule of thumb, whenever you get feedback- try to reflect on your mistakes and understand another one’s point of view.

Can’t resist writing

Writing is like an addiction to many as a lot of good writers can’t keep themselves away from writing. Not only writing every day is an excellent practice to improve your pieces, but it also keeps you connected with your skill which is why the majority of good writers write every day, making sure they don’t lose the flow. 

A good writer is confident of his skills and continues the effort instead of giving up, which is what most writers do. In short, the more you read, the better you become a good writer and get the opportunity to improve your skills.

Proofread your work 

As said earlier, you cannot become an expert at writing without being a beginner, and proofreading the work is one of the essential tasks to ensure your work is free of errors. A good writer necessarily doesn’t write to impress one person but a vast array of the audience who makes an impression about your work. Also, a good writer is a confident writer who loves his work and has the confidence to present it in front of all the readers. 

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Therefore, a good writer has a regular practice of editing the piece of content once it’s fully completed and ready to submit to the editor.

Go with the flow

A good writer goes with the flow instead of following the rules that everyone else follows. Therefore, a good practice is to make your own rules and follow them that should comply with the universal laws of writing.


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