How Do I Know If My NBI Clearance Is Ready For Pickup

NBI Clearance
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The NBI lets users know when the NBI clearance is ready to be picked up by phone and email. Also, you can pick up your NBI clearance personally. Call the Hotline number: 8524-1277 or 8523-8231. In addition, you can send a text message to their SMS service No. 091506568899 if you are out of country subscriber. If you are a local person, you send a message to 09478648747. 


For example, NBSMJHN NBI.

If you want to pick up your NBI clearance, you must visit the branch office of the NBI where your application is processed and present them with a receipt. The NBI employee will check your details and give you NBI clearance. 

Can I Pick Up My NBI Clearance Renewal Anywhere

No, you can’t pick up your NBI clearance renewal anywhere. It would be best if you visited your branch office (nbi branches) to learn more about NBI renewal, and the NBI department will deliver your NBI clearance renewal to your home. 

  • Visit the official website: Select the NBI clearance renewal button.
  • Fill out the application with the required information and make the payment in online mode. 
  • You can renew your application at your home without visiting the branch office. 

If you want to pick up your NBI clearance, visit the branch office you selected during the application processing. 

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NBI Clearance Renewal Pickup Schedule

Yes, it can be scheduled. Usually, the NBI department allows you to schedule renewal to pick up Monday to Friday, 8. am to 5. pm. During these times, you can schedule your renewal to pick up. Also, you can request the NBI department to deliver the renewal pickup to your doorstep. You will receive the delivery in 7 to 10 days. In addition, the delivery will receive within three days if you are a local person. 

How To Check NBI Clearance Renewal Status

You can renew your status and more information by calling hotline No. 8524-1277 or 8523-823. Also, you can send a message to their official service number to check the NBI clearance renewal status online. After completing your request in NBI, the department will text you about your NBI clearance. Also, you can visit the NBI office to check your NBI clearance renewal status. 


The NBI department quickly processes customers’ requests and provides 24/7 support to every customer online and offline. Also, you can visit the nearest NBI office to check your application status. In addition, you can request to send the NBI clearance to your doorstep. You must provide the correct address to the NBI department before choosing doorstep delivery, and you should not move anywhere after submitting your address. You can renew your NBI clearance at your home without visiting the NBI office, but you must select the branch office while applying for the NBI clearance. If you don’t know how to request an NBI clearance renewal, you can visit the nearest branch office to process NBI clearance.

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