How Do You Reduce Male Breasts?

Male Breasts
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Men may develop enlarged breasts, also known as gynecomastia, for various reasons. Enlargement may occur as the result of medical conditions or side effects from medications like steroids, says our plastic surgeon.

Exercise and diet are two effective methods for male breast reduction. By losing weight and working towards muscle development, you can build lean mass while toning up your chest area.

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Gynecomastia, or breast enlargement, affects men on both a psychological and physical level. It can make them feel awkward, embarrassed and self-conscious about themselves and their bodies.

Exercise may help reduce the appearance of gynecomastia; however, it may not reduce its size effectively.

Exercise may help decrease overall fat in the chest area and strengthen pectoral muscles, but cannot alter the source of gynecomastia or truly help with man boob removal.

Gynecomastia usually results from an imbalance in hormone levels. This imbalance leads to glandular tissue formation that cannot be altered with diet, medications or exercise alone.

While some men are able to reduce the size of their enlarged breasts through diet and exercise, many others find the condition challenging to treat. Plastic surgeons possess both the expertise and experience required for safe yet effective surgery procedures that produce positive results for these individuals.


Food plays an integral part of health and wellness, including your hormone levels and weight. Therefore, if you’re at risk of man boobs it is advisable to ensure your diet is balanced and nutritionally sound.

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An effective solution tois eating plenty of proteins. Protein helps burn fat and build muscle, which in turn decreases chest size.

But, eating too many high-protein foods also increases the likelihood that you will consume more estrogen than needed – estrogen being one of the primary contributors to breast development, an excess of estrogen-rich food can result in male breasts growing larger than necessary.

Eggs and milk contain protein-rich, estrogen-laden substances like eggs and dairy; therefore if you want to balance out your hormone levels by decreasing intake, be sure to limit these products accordingly.

Beer should also be avoided. Not only does it contain high amounts of estrogen and empty calories, but consuming beer may contribute to loose chest muscles. In order to achieve weight loss quickly and safely, opt for lower fat beverages and other healthier options like smoothies instead.


If you suffer from gynecomastia(enlarged breasts), gynecomastia surgery can help to decrease their size. Gynecomastia affects men more often than women and may be caused by factors like obesity, hormonal changes and taking certain drugs.

Gynecomastia surgeons offer surgical solutions for man boob removal through liposuction or surgical excision to create flatter chests and more masculine physiques. The result will be smoother skin on chest and more masculine physique.

Gynecomastia surgery can be performed both on the right and left sides of your chest depending on how much breast tissue has become enlarged. Furthermore, a specialist may reduce sagging areola skin (around your nipple) for a more proportionate chest shape.

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Male breast reduction surgery is typically performed as an outpatient procedure under local or general anesthesia and recovery time is typically rapid and relatively pain-free. Most patients can return to work or classes within one week; however, specific instructions will need to be adhered to regarding exercise for several weeks following surgery.

Other Options

Alcohol might seem like the only effective way to reduce breast volume, but you should also explore alternative measures like exercise and diet as effective means. Lifestyle changes that result in long-term and sustainable solutions are most successful; consult a reputable physician or surgeon who can design an individualized program that fits your specific needs; consultation is free, with results visible within weeks; more permanent solutions may also be necessary depending on how severe gynecomastia symptoms are; either way a positive self-image and healthy lifestyle is key for success, confirms our plastic surgeon.

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