How does the rental market in Fulham compare to other areas in London?

How does the rental market in Fulham compare to other areas in London?
How does the rental market in Fulham compare to other areas in London?
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Fulham today has come a long way from its notorious and humble beginnings and is now highly sought by the affluent residents of London. Fulham boasts of some spectacular and picturesque Parks, which have received accreditation from Green Flag for their superior benchmarks on horticulture, cleanliness, and amenities provided.  If you are interested in buying, letting or selling a property, estate agents in Fulham can provide you with excellent properties & premium customer service.

The outer areas of London have witnessed an upsurge in demand, with buyers having specific requirements for more space. This has aided price growth in the greener neighborhoods over the past year. Property buyers have exclusively been motivated by lifestyle preferences, with many looking to expand for an extra bedroom or a big garden.

Prices for topmost properties increased by 1.0% in September 2021, and are up by 6.4% year-on-year basis surpassing the comprehensive prime London property market.  A huge chunk of this growth has been accelerated by houses rather than apartments; big properties and those with extended outer spaces have witnessed the biggest increase in prices. Identical trends have been seen across the rental yields market, where top-quality rents have seen growth by an average of 5.2% since last year across Fulham.


The regeneration projects are one of the biggest factors in the development of this borough.

The most recent plan is for the development of 22,000 new homes for this neighborhood by 2035, with half of the residences dedicated to being sold under the affordable housing plan. This plan is crafted to tackle the present private-sector housing prices for the lower income brackets residing in the area. South Fulham Riverside has been designated to obtain 4,000 new residences as part of this ambitious project.

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Fulham Property Rentals

Taking note of the latest figures, rental yields in Fulham are presently averaging at 2,600 pounds every month for a single-bedroom property, 3,237 pounds each month for a 2-bedroom home, 4,965 pounds per month for a 3-bedroom house, and 9,838 in a month for a 4-bedroom property.

Many properties accessible to rent in Fulham are 2-bedroom houses.

Rental Comparisons of Fulham and Adjoining Areas

The list is created by their median monthly rental rate, from the highest rental market to the least. 

The data derived from London Rental Map is a great source that is upgraded every quarter and was last updated in June 2022. The rental price is based on yields from 2-bedroom properties which is the most common property in practically every borough.

Let us observe which neighborhood offers the best rent on an average basis. Which rents are economical, the ones that are practical, and the ones that are astoundingly steep?

Kensington and Chelsea

Home to London’s most expensive street, this is an ultra-rich and highly sought-after neighborhood. We found that the average rent in Kensington and Chelsea is presently at around 2,600 pounds every month and houses some of the most chic and expensive homes in the country.


The average rent expected from Westminster is approximately 2578 pounds each month. It’s a highly in-demand area for politicians, affluent lawyers, top-notch actors, and other socialites.

London City

London City has witnessed huge fluctuations in property prices, drastically falling by 12-20% in 2020 and then jumping back up again towards the end of 2021. Presently it sports a monthly rental average of roughly 2299 pounds. Living in the center of the city means dealing with an intelligibly high rental bill every month.

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Hammersmith and Fulham

Hammersmith and Fulham have seen a slow increase in the rental average of 1850 pounds. Is an area which has slowly become the hub of young, high-income group professionals, making the vibe of the place smart and energetic.


Southwark presently has a monthly rental average of 1700 pounds. This neighborhood is a dream for any architect.


Lambeth has an average rent of 1658 pounds per month. This is an area perfect for any renter who wants to make the most of the London living style.


Home buyers or renters often move to Fulham from other parts of London to get access to top-quality schools, a sense of community, and the neighborhood’s green spaces. Estate agents in Fulham can help you with all estate-related requirements. Be it letting, renting, or selling, they can help you throughout with the best properties and customer service.

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