How Exactly Should Your Muscle T-shirt Fit On You?

How Exactly Should Your Muscle T-shirt Fit On You?
How Exactly Should Your Muscle T-shirt Fit On You?

This post was most recently updated on March 17th, 2023

When it comes to buying the best men’s muscle t-shirt, two important factors you need to consider are “your comfort” and “how the tee fits you.” You should never joke with these two factors if you want to get the best of your henley tee, V-neck, or crew neck tee shirts.

If you’re muscular, you certainly want to wear a t-shirt that brings you a lot of comfort while also revealing your muscles. The t-shirt should be flattering enough and be able to provide you with a snuggly fit across your shoulders and chest. However, you should avoid going for tees that provide too much snuggly fit. That said, here’s a burning question; how exactly should men’s muscle t-shirts fit you?

Here’s exactly how your t-shirt should fit on your muscular body

As you already know, buying a perfectly fitted muscle t-shirt is important if you’re interested in flattering tees. To ensure you go for a tee with the right fit, you need to consider the following factors:

  1. Sleeve length

 Since you’re muscular, one key factor you need to consider when buying a perfectly fitted men’s muscle t-shirt is the sleeve length. According to the general “fit rule,” short tee sleeves tend to provide more flattering than longer sleeves for muscular men. However, you need to ensure that these sleeves aren’t too short.

  • If you have defined, muscular arms, the best henley tee for you is one that has its sleeves end right above your tricep’s indentation.
  • Going for anything longer than this will only end up making people think you have less muscular arms.
  1. Your shoulders
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Another important factor that determines how fit your henley tees should be is “your shoulder.” If you have wider delts, you may struggle to find the perfect fit. To make the right pick, you should only go for a t-shirt that has its line (where the sleeves are attached to the shirt’s body) to be positioned exactly where your arms and torso meet. However, if you have broader shoulders, you may need to push the line outward slightly by at least an inch.

  1. Length of the muscle t-shirt

Another important factor that determines how fitted your muscle t-shirt should be is its length. For the best results, go for tees that end exactly at the point where your back pockets begin.

Since you already decided to go for a short sleeve for a more fitted look, you only need to pick a t-shirt length that’s not too long. Too long a t-shirt length will not provide you with a flattering look. In addition, it’ll most likely make your legs look short. 

  1. The cut of your t-shirt

The cut of your t-shirt is another important factor that influences how fitted a tee can be. So, since you’re muscular, the perfect tee for you should be “muscle fit” or “athletic fit.”

While slim-fit tees are perfect, you should watch out and avoid products with slim arms and chests. This will most certainly not work for you, as it’ll make you feel a lot uncomfortable.

Shop for your muscle t-shirts today.

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