How Is Skill-Lync Different from Other Upscaling Platforms Like Upgrade?

How Is Skill-Lync Different from Other Upscaling Platforms Like Upgrade?
How Is Skill-Lync Different from Other Upscaling Platforms Like Upgrade?
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You are on the right page if you’re wondering how Skill-Lync is different from other upscaling platforms like Upgrade, as you can get all the details here.

The founders had been impacted highly in their journey because of the lack of quality and application-based learning in the Indian undergraduate system.

India claims to be one of the best countries for engineers as the country has more than 95% of engineers. The harsh truth is that most engineers do not have the right coding capabilities and are just sitting in data entry jobs. It is even direr when people look at the core engineering fields like electrical, civil, and mechanical. Other than some lab work, students have little exposure to the latest trends or software which are currently in demand.

Skill-Lync is a great platform that does complete industry mapping and identifies the marketing gaps and the roles that companies look forward to filling. Some experts from Fortune 500 companies curate all the courses which are driven while the project offers excellent software skill building.

How is Skill-Lync Different from Other Upscaling Platforms

The platform claims to have a great team of experts and experienced mentors with several years of experience in this industry.

A team of around four students developed the complete car from scratch under the guidance of some industry experts. Generally, the time taken by the OEM to develop a completely functional car is around 2.5 to three years. But these students completed the project in just four months. They had completed the EV certification course from Skill-Lync. The students developed the bodywork cabin and other add-ons to the car.

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Skill-Lync is the best platform that helps students with the proper career guidance and placement assistance. They provide students with the necessary guidance and resources to build a successful career in engineering. With a focus on practical, industry-relevant skills, Skill-Lync helps students bridge the gap between academia and the real-world demands of the engineering industry. Skill-Lync offers a range of courses, from fundamentals to advanced topics, with hands-on projects and mentorship from industry experts.

Additionally, the platform provides students with career guidance and placement assistance, ensuring that they have the support they need to secure employment in their chosen field. Overall, Skill-Lync is an excellent resource for students looking to build a career in engineering, providing them with the tools they need to succeed.

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