How Long Does An Employee Background Screening Take?

Employee Background Screening
Employee Background Screening
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For every question surrounding employee screening, there is a definite answer. But if there is that one question that can make an employee screening experts wriggle a little, it’s in all probability this one -: How long does an employee background screening take!

There is no definite answer to this as it depends on multiple things, such as the scope and cost. Broad elements constitute a background check, and those variations set the timelines. Some companies may want a more fundamental level of authentication, whereas some may wish for an exhaustive in-depth one. The nature of business plays a crucial role in deciding that. 

But if someone was looking for a ballpark figure, an employee screening typically takes three to 10 days. If the investigation is for a senior-level hire, it may take a few weeks.

The employee background screening process includes an in-depth assessment of an applicant’s college degrees, employment history, academic credentials, court and criminal record check, and credit scores. 

How is Employee Screening Done in India?

  • Companies begin the screening by contacting the last workplace of the candidate to cross-reference the information provided in the resume with facts from the previous employer. 
  • Then companies go through court records and public databases for any indication of unlawful activities. 
  • Then certificates and degrees are corroborated by digging through educational records. 
  • Last but not least, companies check the candidate’s address. If the company is not using an onboarding services solution provider, it is done physically by sending someone to the residence. 

Here are some variations that could impact the duration of the background screening: 

  • Identity check: Some identity checks can occur in real-time, whereas some intensive checks can take two days. An identity authentication verifies the details on license documents such as an Aadhar card, passport, driver’s license or any national ID card. If companies have a sensitive business or are risk-averse, they choose a more comprehensive check.
  • Address check: requires a physical visit by personnel; else, using technology can be done in real-time with geo-tagging and liveness detection. 
  • Credit checks: being able to vet the credibility also takes around a day or two to complete. This information is obtained from credit bureaus and gives an overview of the applicant’s credit history.
  • Employment verification and professional reference checks: This check is the most complicated as it involves reaching out to human resource personnel and departments at past employers. Professional reference checks could also take time as the candidate’s reference needs to be available. These periods require cooperation from multiple entities and human involvement. If the job has an international candidate, then the protocols of that country need to be taken into account. This may require a signed release form and other such permissions. 
  • Academic qualification verification: Confirming the educational accomplishments of an applicant involves contacting various colleges and schools, which takes another two-three days.
  • Criminal checks and civil court searches: This timeframe varies from country to country. Expect civil court and criminal probes in India to be usually done within a week to 10 days. Before carrying out criminal records check, it is mandatory to disclose to the applicant that this check is required to be done, and written consent should be obtained. 
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By integrating sophisticated screening technologies into your system, verification can be ten times faster. By using Artificial Intelligence, data analytics, and other latest technologies, background verification can be carried out more quickly, more accurately and securely. New generation technologies like liveness detection, image recognition, digital signatures, and OCR can even give instant background screening results.

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