How Long Does Skateboard Wheel Lasts

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How do you feel the excitement you get from skateboarding? Its adrenaline rush and exponentially evolving make it so much fun. But choosing a reliable option is crucial. You don’t want to buy a new one every week, right? The average lifespan of a skateboard is around 2 years.

 But how long does skateboard wheel lasts? Skateboard tires can last around 3-4 months from regular heavy usage. But it can be more or less depending on your wheel type, riding surface, your riding skills & habits, and, more importantly, your technical knowledge.

Why Do Skateboard Wheels Wear Off?

It is not uncommon for skateboard wheels to wear off gradually. But some wear out faster, while others take average time.

The followings are common reasons why skateboard wheels degrade its quality.

01. Friction

Skateboard wheels mainly wear out due to friction.

Skateboard tires have urethane that has decent abrasion resistance properties and good grip.

But when the wheels rotate, it causes extra pressure on the urethane and expands. 

The resistive force or friction at the point of contact will cause wear out the tires over time.

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02. Faster skating

When you skate faster, increased heat is built up in the durable, rubbery material of wheels.

This causes brake down tires more rapidly than slower skating.

High-speed skating usually generates higher friction in the wheels with the ground.

It will soften the urethane and weaken the tire.

03. Higher weight

Skateboard wheels have a maximum load rating.

Increased weight doesn’t just slow down your skating speed. It adds extra force.

The tires struggle to withstand heavy force.

Additional weight creates more moments of inertia from a rotating wheel.

The tires have to work harder to spin further. 

04. Surface/Ground

Skating on skatepark and streets are not the same. You should not ride the skateboard on any rough terrain or ground as it is not designed for it. Otherwise, it will cause pitting and gouging of your wheels faster. Skateboard wheels are of different types.

Skateboards are designed for smooth surfaces, such as concrete or pavement.

If you want to ride on gravel and rough terran then you may use all-terrain wheels in your skatreboard. And for best briding experience on either concrete or skatepark, wheels for street are best choice.

How Long Does Skateboard Wheel Last?

The average lifespan of skateboard wheels is approximately 3-4 months if you continuously ride the roller-skate daily.

However, it can be more or less depending on your wheel type, riding surface, your riding skills & habits, and, more importantly, your technical knowledge.

It is not uncommon for skateboard wheels to last as high as 500 kilometres of inline skating.

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Riding the skateboard on rough terrains will cause cracking, tearing, and chunking over time. The wheels lose some plasticity or rubberizing from their edge. 

Besides, water, oil, and UV light will degrade the tire quality gradually.

Urethane wheels generally last longer than Polyurethane. Many riders buy Urethane Polyurethane tires as it is a bit cheaper.

How To Maintain Skateboard Wheels?

It is essential to replace skateboard wheels on time to ensure optimal safety, speed, and comfort.

Skateboard tires will not last a lifetime. But you can avoid faster wear-out issues by following some techniques.

01. Ride Wheels At Below 90°

As a conscious skater, you must ride your skateboard wheels at lower than 90°.

The main advantage of the driving approach is getting minimal flat spots.

Flat spots compromise your skating performance and safety due to wear out in tires.

Heavy braking and skidding often cause minor or moderate flat spots in skateboard wheels.

02. Create A Wheel Rotation Habit

Do you have a habit of rotating or sliding your wheel in the same style for many times?

Doing the same style for a prolonged period will make one wheel size smaller than the other.

Practice different styles, such as street, vert, downhill slide, freestyle, longboard, etc.

This will adjust the wheel bears and make them well-balanced in terms of size and diameter.

03. Regularly Clean Skateboard Wheels

Skateboard wheels get contact with various substances, such as dust, dirt, mud, and many other things.

When you ride on various surfaces, it will inevitably pick up foreign materials and debris.

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If you don’t clean out these bad substances from skateboard bearings and wheels, it will affect wheels in the long run.

You can use mild soap and water to clean them.

But avoid using any harsh chemicals as they can affect wheels. Also, utilize a soft cloth or brush to clean the surface carefully.

04. Lubricating The Wheels’ Bearings

Properly lubricating the wheels’ bearings of the skateboard with grease or oil is essential.

The skateboard tires will function better and spin smoothly.

You can use Tri-flow, Bones Speed Cream, and any similar lubricating oils.

But avoid using Wd40. It can significantly eat the away rubber material and wear out the wheel faster.

05. Say NO To Rough Surface

Don’t ride on hard or rough surfaces like gravel, dirt, or rough concrete.

It can significantly affect the durability of the skateboard wheels.

Try to stick to smooth surfaces like skateparks or smooth concrete whenever possible.

06. Choose The Right Wheels For Your Style Of Skating

Not all skating styles require the same type of skateboard wheels.

For example, skating on ramps requires selecting harder wheels.

They can handle high speeds and the impact of ramp skating

But softer wheels are the best choice for riding on the street.

Closing Thoughts

So, now you know the answer to this question: How long does skateboard wheel lasts?

If you are thinking of replacing your older, weary skateboard wheels, consider your skating style and where you will skate regularly.

Don’t skate with bad skateboard tires. Apart from affecting your skating performance, it is seriously risky. You may experience severe injury.

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